Jacob’s Ladder Seaman’s Scarf

Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf

Horseshoe Cabled ScarfI have been working on the scarves.  I finished the first one, the Jacob’s Ladder Seaman’s Scarf, shown on the left.  It was a fun knit (this picture was taken before blocking).  I am working on the scarf showing on the right.  I decided since the missionary I’m knitting this for didn’t want a seaman’s style scarf that I would do a different pattern and chose the horseshoe cable stitch from this scarf.  I love knitting cable designs, they are interesting to knit and visually appealing. 🙂


Wall DecorationMy best friend in high school sent this to me.  Her mother passed away this year but had been working on the things she always puts into a Christmas Craft Fair every year.  Her mom had chosen the fabric and cut it out but didn’t get a chance to put it together.  My friend decided she would like me to have it, so she finished it.  How wonderful it is to have something from her and her mom.  It is a very lovely wall décor piece and the sentimental value is priceless.  Her mother was a wonderful lady who had many talents and was quick to share them.  She will be missed.