Embroidered Apron

1 Yard Apron with Embroidery

Embroidry text


I forgot to take the camera with me to the Activity Day Girls activity and so I have no pictures of their sewing skills on the pockets.  I had two aprons left over so instead of sewing a pocket on them, I am machine embroidering on them to give as gifts.  Sorry my photography is not great, and I couldn’t find my iron, which I know is around here somewhere, so that I could make it look nice and not wrinkled.  But such is life.  I know I’ll find it eventually.  I have posted a closer picture of the actual embroidery so that you can see it.  I love this one. 🙂

Yesterday was my last day at the current long term temp job so I am out looking again.  Surely something permanent will be forth coming soon.  All I can do is rely on the blessings and tender mercies of the Lord after all I can do.

Another New Hobby – sigh

Beading my first necklace


My beautiful daughter and I went to a Relief Society meeting this last Thursday night (it was her birthday by the way :).)  A sister taught us about beading.  Oh my, this is another hobby that I could get into but alas it is kind of expensive so I will just do things once in a while.    Being from the desert southwest, I love all things Turquoise & Silver, so that is what I made (not real Turquoise and Silver tho,  just a facsimile, but pretty never the less.)  I’m still working on it, I have to get a clasp on it.   It was very fun to do.


I’m working on some 1 yard aprons  for the Activity Day Girls (girls ages 8 to 11) that I help teach in my ward.  This month is our Pioneer celebration month to honor the pioneers that treked from MO, IL and IA to Utah, most of them on foot with just handcarts.  I am pre-sewing the aprons, except the pockets which they will whip stitch on.  Teaching some of these skills that were well known to our ancestors is one way to help the youth connect with those who came before, helping them to understand the way they lived, and hopefully helping us appreciate the things we now enjoy that they did not have at that time.  I personally am really fond of my car, sewing machine, computer and ipod ;P. 

I’ll put a picture up in a few days with one (or more) of the girls wearing her/their apron(s).  Just depends on how fast they sew :P.

Happy 4th of July


Happy Birthday USA!!!  How thankful I am to live in this free country.  May her flag forever wave.  (Sorry there is a little overlaid google ad that shows on the video, just x out of it.)