Start of Another Comfort Shawl & Christmas Cactus Blooming

Another Comfort Shawl


This is the last comfort shawl that I have on my plate.  It’s been a busy year for comfort shawls.  I used the Tara Shawl again with Lionbrand Homespun because it’s soft and quick to make.  The colors in this yarn make the shawl pretty, and it’s squishy ;).  You can’t really see the colors very well in this picture, they are a purple, blue and grey with cream through out.  It’s muted and very pretty.  I hope she will like it.



Christmas Cactus 2011


The Christmas cactus is blooming.  It has lots of new growth this year, will be time to re-pot it this coming spring.  Then it will get bigger, not sure how large I want it to get, I have a friend who had one that was huge, but I dont think I want a really big one.
I have some spider plants that are getting pretty big too.  I hate that they call them spider plants because I really DO NOT like spiders at all.  So much so that I didn’t put my plants out on the patio this year because every fall when I bring them in I find a spider running around close to it.  Ewwwwww.

2nd Wisp Shawl Finished!

click picture for larger image


I got this shawl finished yesterday evening and was able to block it last night and it was dry when I woke up this morning so I ran it down to my friend.  She was pleased with the result and that made me very happy ;).

It’s an easy pattern to knit even tho’ it looks complicated.  Once I have the projects on my plate finished, I will try to find a nice heavy lace weight to fingerling yarn and make another one of these. :).

I picked up some more homespun from Lionbrand to make a comfort shawl for my future daughter in law who lost her father 2 months ago.  I hope she will like the color I chose.  I wanted to find out what her father’s favorite color was and make it that color but I didn’t get that information and the yarn was on sale this holiday week end so I picked out what I hope will be an soothing color to help with her grief.  I’ll be doing the Tara Shawl again.  It’s quick, easy and, with their homespun yarn, pretty.  I’ll post a picture after I get it started and enough done on the shawl so that you can see what the color will look like.  I do not use the fringe when I make this shawl, fringe, to me seems to get in the way more often than not.

Shawl Progress & Oh Yeah It’s My Birthday

3rd skein of cria for shawl


The 3rd skein is done and I’m about 1/2 way through knitting with it.  I will have the shawl finished this week and blocked and ready to give by this next week end. 😉  It’s been a pleasure spinning and knitting with this cria.

I have one more comfort shawl to knit and then my next project will be dying some superwash merino wool and spinning it.  🙂


Christmas Cactus already budding


I can not believe that my Christmas Cactus already has buds on it.  It’s a bit early this year, tho everything has been a bit early preparing for winter.  You wouldn’t know it with the wonderfully warm weather we have had this last week.  Tho it shows it will cool back down next week.  I’ll take the warm weather while it’s here because I know soon it will be all too cold, and snowy and icy.  sigh

And yes, today is my birthday.  I keep hoping it will go away each year, but it just comes anyway.  Guess I’m just stuck having it every year, cos you can’t seem to sneak around it. :P.

General Conference was last week end and what a wonderfully uplifting week end it was.  I love that peace that accompanies General Conference.  I also had to have my car repaired last week end, the cv axle went out and I was fortunate that my daughter knew someone who could fix it for about 1/2 the price of a car place.  It’s running well and I’m able to get around which is exactly what I need!!!  I also have a 3 day week end which I am enjoying immensely!!Have a great week end all!!