Life on the Fast track

My Balcony

My Balcony



Ahhh, Spring!!  The birds are singing and it’s beautiful with the trees flowering and leafing out here and yesterday was hot as heck!!  We’ve been in the 50’s and 60’s until Thursday when we hit upper 70’s and yesterday we were mid 80’s,  Sheesh.  This week will be back in the 60’s again, thank goodness because the air conditioning isn’t working yet at the bank I’m working at.  They are still doing repair and rebuild work after the big flood here in Cedar Rapids last year.   Anyway this is a picture of my balcony.  It’s not screened in like my apt in TN but it is so wonderful to have a balcony again.  I have a place to put my plants outside and to sit and spin or knit (when it isn’t raining or way to hot.  I didn’t go out on my balcony in TN when it was way to hot either ;P).  

 My life has been a bit busy this last week.  8 to 5  job and I have to get up at 5:45 (get ready, make lunch, take care of Thor) because I have to leave by 7:15.  I am working down town (about 16 to 17 min from where I live) and there is no parking lot at the bank, only metered parking on the street, so I had to pay for a parking permit to park in a parkade and walk 3 blocks to work.  I really don’t mind the walk (and there is a skywalk that goes from building to building so I won’t get wet if it rains, but it’s a bit of a meandering walk that takes an extra 7 min or so to walk), just hate having to leave 15 or more min earlier :P.  Tons of stuff to learn in the new job (isn’t that always the case? :P) and that leaves me drained when I get home.  Had a couple of evening things I had to attend to this last week and still try to get to bed between 9 and 9:30 pm so I can start all over again at 5:45 am the next morning.  It’ll be much better after I adjust to the new stuff and time period.  Saturdays are busy too with laundry and errands, but I’ll get a routine down, put some fun back in my life and it will all be good. 🙂

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This is something my sister has been working on.  It’s called silver clay.  I’d never heard of it but they put silver powder (yeah the real stuff!) in clay and she said you have to fire it after you have finished making whatever it is you are going to make with it.  I think she did a wonderful job.   She’s rather crafty too (making things, not sly – sly to me is not a good thing to be, ie decietful, full of trickery :P), guess crafting things runs in my family :).


Oh yeah, to my son who just finished his 4th blanket in the last month!!    PFFFT 😛  I’m working on Jade’s afghan, I did some rows today :P.  Should have some evening time to work on it this coming week :).

One of my craft items

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This is a frame that I enjoy cutting the pictures out to fit on the mat.  It looks pretty cool and I’ve made a few of them as gifts.  I really need to make me one ;P.  I hope this is large enough to show off the wonderful pictures.



I got the call I was waiting for today, I start work on Monday. 🙂  I really don’t feel stressed out about this job, not that I think it will be a piece of cake, but I feel at peace with it.

My grand daughter has been asking me all week, when I go to pick her up from school, if I am knitting on her afghan, as she picks it up and cuddles that luciously soft yarn :P.  I guess I should be working on it. 😛  With the unpacking and trying to get a job I just haven’t felt like working on a project that required concentration.  I’ve knit two of the soap holders, one as a birthday gift to my previous supervisor and one for my grand daughter (who loved the special custom made Sandalwood/Rose soap and the holder.)  I should be getting that last skein of yarn I purchased last week soon.  I think I will still be about 3 skeins short, but I will keep trying to track them down.


Happy TEA Party Day




My son has his web hosting site up and running and I’m switching over so this is my first post on his hosting site.  He’s decided to go with Word Press for the blogging part.  It’s a lot different than what I was use to at Yahoo, but I’m learning it.  If you are interested in changing hosting servers, you can contact my son, I have a link to his website in my blog roll.  I like the fact that if I have any problems, I don’t have to be connected to an out of the country service rep (that has a hard time with American slang or phrasing), I can just go over to his house and yell at him :P.  JUST KIDDING SON!!!

My unpacking is coming along and I’m just waiting for the back ground check to come in, should be today or tomorrow, so that I can start working at the bank.  Hopefully this position will turn out to be a temp to hire job and not just a long term temp job, because it pays well and I enjoyed working with the mortgage title company, this will be a bit different but I’m excited about it anyway :).

Oh yeah, happy TEA Party Day!!!  TEA = Taxed Enough Already!