Ok I’m a klutz!

 This isn’t me (and yes it makes me feel less embarressed to know there are other klutzes out there too) but this was the gist of what happened Friday morning after leaving my apt and just starting down the stairs to the lobby of my apt complex as I was off to work.  I missed the first stair and the rest was all “down hill” from there ;).  I have bruises down my right side and sprained my left ankle (not sure how that happened) but yes, I am a klutz.  This accident is making me stay mostly on the couch with my feet up (the other ankle was injured but not as badly as the left one), so I have lots of time to knit until I go back to work on Tuesday – I should have the comfort shawl finished and blocked by tomorrow – I’ll post a picture of it when it is all blocked.  Yes I went to work on Friday and they let me leave 2 hr early to go home and put my foot up and I went to the Dr yesterday morning and they sent me for x rays, which I haven’t heard rather it is just a sprain (as I suspect) or fractured (which I doubt), so for the most part, it’s feet up girl.  I’m glad I work for a bank and have a paid holiday on Monday!!!

My “little” sister has begun a new blog journey.  I loved her old blog and was sad when she let it go, but I’ve been pestering her for a few years now to restart it.  She has and it looks like it will be even more wonderful than the last one.  She is quite a photographer, into paper making, fused glass, mosaics and other things.  The name of her new site is “Eat It Anyway” just click that link, I hope you will enjoy it – she’s awesomely talented :).  I’ll also put this link on my blog roll ;).

Back to the couch for a while to put my feet up.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

.Ok, I know it’s Jan 2nd, so I’m a day late. 😉  I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and Day and that you have an even better New Year.

I think New Year’s Day is a wonderful time to take stock of your life, the things that didn’t go so well and the things that did.  Looking back helps us determine what we need to work on and what things worked, it helps us to move forward when we can take that more distant look at our life instead of the up so close we can’t see the forest for the trees type of thing. 

Last year was a really hard year for me.  I lost my youngest son, an uncle, my previous mother-in-law (who I thought more of as a friend),  my car quit running and I had a really bad bout of bronchitis (my voice is still suffering as far as singing goes – singing is a comfort to me).  Those are just major highlights. 

I had some good things happen too (and you have to see the good things or life would be a real bummer), I found a permanent job that I enjoy, my dad is still healthy, I have very supportive siblings,  I have been able to keep my apartment through all the upheaval with temp work and that it is close to a bus line that goes to my work and house without having to change buses,  one of my co-workers lives not to far from me and gives me rides to work and home, and when she can’t I can catch the bus.  I have my faith and what a blessing that has always been in my life, it’s seen me through some pretty tough times.  Even tho my life has not been a bed of roses, I’ve always had a warm place to sleep, food on my table and family and friends, what more could I want.