Are You Ready for Some Football? 2017-2018 WOOT WOOT

Cowboys 1

Oh my gosh Football season is here already!!!  My Cowboys play tomorrow night (Thursday) for the first preseason game.  I’m so excited!!  My mom loved to watch sports (all kinds) so I get my love of Football from her.  I’m not a big basketball person, tho’ she loved it.  But I can watch golf, bowling, hockey, baseball.  But my favorite is Football and my team is definitely the Dallas Cowboys :).  I’m excited to see how they do this year, hopefully they will just pick up from where they left off and run with it :).  Let the Games Begin!!  (hmm wrote and posted this on Wed Aug 2, but it shows Aug 3rd, not sure why)

Hat done!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  I finished the hat for my friend’s 5 year old grandson who has a blood cancer.  It is the 2X2 ribbed hat from the 5 Easy Pieces – Knit Newborn Hats.   I used the Yarn Bee Soft and Sleek yarn from Hobby Lobby.  It’s very soft and was the blue and green my friend said were his favorite colors :).  I added an extra 10 stitches to the pattern and about 12 more rows because he’s not a newborn and I knew it needed to be a little larger.  I tried it on an 9 year old and tho a little snug for him it should be perfect for a 5-7 year old.  I hope he will like it.

I’m thinking about what my next project should be, honestly tho  I should be cleaning, I’d rather be knitting :P.  I’ll post when I make up my mind and start that next project.

UGH Happy Late Father’s Day

My Dad

I’m sorry Dad!!  So much going on lately, I got that card out to you on time, but didn’t get this on my blog.  I have a wonderful Dad, who has always been there, has always provided for his family and was always there in the middle of the night when we were sick, holding us as we threw up on him (what a great dad it takes to do that :P.)  Love you Dad!!

Another Pair of Fingerless Mitts

Te Ara Fingerless Mitts I did get the 2nd pair of fingerless mitts done for the teacher just before the end of the school year.  These are the Te Ara Fingerless Mitts and they are really pretty on, very elegant looking :).  I used the skein of V Yarn  (her etsy store is here) that I won on the Never Cast Off ravelry podcast.  The yarn was very pleasant to to knit with :).


I’m working on the preemie knitted caps again.  And I’m going to knit one here shortly for a friend who’s 5 year old grandson has a kind of blood cancer.  I’m sure he will be losing his hair and will enjoy a hat to wear, I’ll post a picture when I get it started.  Cancer is so ugly. 😦

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA I have never seen a double yolk egg before.  Imagine my surprise when I cracked open an egg from the grocery store for my breakfast this morning and it had a double yolk.  Pretty cool :).


New Fiber and Tools for Knitting and Fingerless Mitts Done!

Au Clair Fingerless

I have finished the Au Clair Fingerless Gauntlets.  I made them mitts instead by only doing 3 cables instead of 7 (which just makes them shorter.)   They were a fun knit, I hope Maddie’s teacher will enjoy them.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis is some spinning fiber I bought at the Cedar Rapids Fiber Festival.  The fiber in the left corner is black (not brown as it shows), green and blue and is a BFL and Corriedale cross 64%, Alpaca 27% and Sari Silk waste 9%.  It’s very soft and oh so beautiful and is from Fiber Curio and Sundries, LLC.  The other fiber  in the top right corner I purchased is 100% Rambouille from Mountain Colors.



I did break down and buy some knitting tools that I have been wanting for a quite a while.  The picture on the left is 2 DPN (double pointed needle) holders, which makes it really nice so the stitches don’t fall off the needles while your project is in progress.  I also got a nipper to cut my yarn and a little case to put my stitch markers in and a needle gauge and a sheep progress keeper.  These I purchased on Etsy from Twisted Yarn and Fiber Co.  The picture on the right are some wonderful progress keepers from Yarn Candy Studio.  I bought a row counter progress keeper (very nice for when I’m doing work and knowing what row I’m on is necessary) and I bought  Harry Potter progress keepers and I love those Harry Potter progress keepers, of course I love the Harry Potter movies so maybe that is why :).  The one you can’t see very well has a hologram in it that is a picture of the patronus charm for Harry (stag’s head) and the words expecto patronus.  It’s really very cute, was sad it didn’t show up in the picture very well.

Went to my son’s today to watch him “blow out” his alpacas in prep for the shearers who came to shear the alpaca.  The shearers did all 6 alpaca in one hr.  I will have some pictures to post eventually.

May the 4th Be With You!!


May the 4th

I couldn’t resist, love it :).

I bought some knitting accessories for myself (don’t do that very often) and I will get pictures and put up soon.  Been sick with yet another cold and laryngitis again so I haven’t felt like doing much :(. Also as soon as my back is better (yes I threw it out again) I need to skirt the fleece I have and send it off to be processed into yarn.  I’ll talk more about that when it happens 😛

Heat Advisory Shawl – Done!

Heat Advisory Shawl

I did finish The Heat Advisory Shawl for my oldest son’s fiancee, see picture on the left,  :).  I like the way it turned out and after getting it wet and rising it has fulled a little and is really pretty.  The picture underneath is a close up of the lacey bottom.


Close up of lacework for Heat Advisory Shawl

I’d like to start a pair of socks now, but I will need to split the yarn so I can do two at a time to make sure they are the same length for the leg and foot :),  and first,  I need to start those fingerless mitts for the little one’s teachers school year end gifts.  I have decided on the Au Clair Fingerless Gloves, they are very cute, I will give more info on those in the next few days.   I have also started another one of those 2×2 ribbed newborn hats, great yarn and cute pattern. 🙂