First Real Snow for 1214

First Real Snow -  November 2014

Yes we got some snow, not nearly as much as MN and other places, but about 1 & 1/2 inches.  We got a dusting of snow a few days ago but yesterday evening came our first real snow of the winter season.  I know it’s still fall per the calendar, but in IA this is the start of a long, cold winter.  I was told the Farmer’s Almanac said it would be a crazy winter season this year.  Guess we will see what that brings.

I’m working on 4  scarves that were requested at the last minute.  I’ll post pictures of them as I finish them.  For 3 of them I’ll be using the pattern Jacobs Ladder , the link  is to the designer who like me allows people to knit her patterns for free :).  The last one (tho’ I won’t be necessarily knitting them in that order) will be another of my new design  little lace daisy scarf.  Guess I will be busy for the next few weeks, knitting and being grateful that I have a warm place to live and a skill to keep me busy during the cold winter months.

Oh yeah, the Cowboys are doing pretty well this season.  Unfortunately they play mostly on Sunday and I don’t watch football on Sunday, but I watch the NFL channel the next day to see the highlights :).  I’ll just keep rooting for them, as a loyal fan :).