Winter 2012 – 2013

1st real snow 2012 – 2103

,Well we did get snow this winter, I’ve just not been real good about noting a lot of things.  We got this snow just before Christmas when everyone was getting a lot of snow dumped on them.  The lower part of our state got about 18 inches but we only got about 4 to 6 inches, but it was a very heavy wet snow.  I’m not complaining, but I know we needed it for the farmers who desperately need the moisture.  After Christmas we warmed up and the snow melted (this would be our normal mid winter thaw), and we got some rain which was needed and I like better than snow and ice :P.  We had a little bit of snow today but it was only a dusting of dry snow.  The thaw is over (dang) and winter is back with it’s below zero temps.  Tonight is suppose to be -3 and with wind chill -21,  brrrr.  Tomrrow should be a little warmer with a temp of 5 above, lol, but tomorrow night is saying minus 4 with wind chill around -22.   Sigh  Glad I don’t have to go anywhere tomorrow night or Tuesday. 🙂  Snow is in our forecast for this coming Thursday.

 I didn’t get pictures of my Christmas cactus this year, it did bloom but was very late blooming this year.  I’ll try to be better next blooming season.  I need to re-pot it again this year.  When I buy the pot this spring (in April), I will also get a couple of large pots (like barrel size) because I am determined to get my balcony garden going this year.  Not sure how well it will do as I don’t get quite enough sun, but I’m going to try anyway :).  I miss having fresh yellow squash and it’s soooo expensive at the grocery store. 

I caught a cold in October, about mid month.  It was a really bad chest cold that was going around (everyone was complaining about it that caught it), I was sick for 3 weeks and finally went to the Dr who thought it might be going into walking pneumonia, and so I took anti-biotics and got better.  Was just getting over that cold and caught a head cold, arrrggg.  5 days into that cold I caught another head cold, beyond arrrggg.  I am just now getting rid of the last of the coughing and was finally able to get my flu shot.  This has been a really not fun winter.  Because I’ve been sick and Thor was sick I didn’t get much done on my knitting or spinning.  The little ones that were expecting sweaters have been very patient but are telling me they seriously need them now, lol.  I have about 1/2 of a spool of the hand spun done and need to get busy on that so I can make the two scarves I promised.  I’ll get there I promise.  So I’m hoping for a better year, wishing all of you a better year as well (I think we could all use one).

Rainbow Bridge – Thor

Thor in his playpen winter 2010


Today I had to do what all pet owners dread.  I took Thor to the vet one last time.  He has been ill and on medication for the last year.  The medication became two and caused other problems.  The meds weren’t working anymore and causing more problems than they were curing.  It was finally time to let him go.  I will miss my sweet little fur baby, he has been my little companion for a little over 6 1/2 years.   Goodbye Thor, I will miss you terribly. 😦