Comfort Shawl Done

Comfort Shawl 10-14

Comfort Shawl 10-14

Updating from my last post.  I have finished the comfort shawl and have given it to the friend that lost her babies.  Comfort shawls are always  nice because it helps let the receiver know that someone is thinking about them and that they don’t have to be alone in the grieving process.  You can’t see the colors really well (not sure if it’s my camera or my lack of photography skills :P) but it has red, orange and a turquoise color in it. I have also finished knitting the scarf I was working on but will post a picture along with the pattern later this week, it’s blocking at the moment and I wanted to get a nice picture of it to post with the pattern.  Now I can work on finishing the sweater I started for the special little someone, who is still reminding me it’s getting cold and she needs it, lol.

Annual Soup Cook-off  3rd Place Winner

Annual Soup Cook-off 3rd Place Winner

Well to the right you see a picture of an award I won last night at the Annual Soup Cook-off at my church.   It’s in conjunction with a ward get together and “trunk or treat” for the kids.  We had a nice array of soups to taste.  There were 25 brought in and they were all so yummy.  I didn’t bring mine in with any intention of winning anything and actually kinda winged it with a last min addition to my taco soup.  I usually add canned green chilies (mild) to my soup but I forgot to get them, so to add some zing I added a dry packet of Guacamole to it.  It added a wonderful little bit of spicy flavor.  The judges must have thought so to because I won 3rd place.  The little awards they gave us were very cute and I was so surprised when they called the number on my crockpot (they put numbers on a bit of tape on all the soups as we brought them in and put them on the tables.)  The 1st place was a long wooden spoon painted gold, the 2nd place was a little shorter painted silver and the 3rd was a short spoon painted bronze. HAHA,   very cute, someone went to a lot of work to prepare them for us :).