Better Late Than Never :)

Polypay Lamb Roving

OK, I know I promised a picture of the lambs fleece a couple of weeks ago but I’m busy getting use to having nothing to do :P.  Actually, I’m adjusting to a new routine so I haven’t gotten to the things I usually do. I have been re-arranging my apt, and getting ready to go through boxes that should have been gone through so long ago.  One day this coming week I will put a box in the middle of the floor and just sit there going through pitching and re-boxing as needed until I have one box down and however many more to go, my goal is to get rid of at least half of my boxed stuff.  My bedroom is almost reorganized, just the stuff on the top of the bed I wasn’t sure what to do with, but I will have to make a decision this coming week on what to do with those things (mostly papers – that is what I have the most trouble sorting through) so I can sleep in it again – tho I have to admit my love seat is pretty darn comfortable :).

The roving is from a Polypay lamb.  Since I didnt have anything to put it on out there, to keep it from getting more vm (spinning term for vegetable matter – grass, weed seeds, etc, etc) in it for a good shot of the whole fleece,  I just left it in the plastic bag to get a picture.  I’m keeping it in my car as I’m not sure my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate the “delightful” smell of sheep coming from my apt :P.  I will make arrangements to get it out in the mail this week to the mill where they will be turning it into roving.  It should be very nice and I love that it is white so that I can play with dyes ;).  Then in a few months I will have some nice Polypay lamb’s roving to spin.  Maybe next year if I get another fleece I will try to scour and card it on my own. 🙂