Yarn Therapy Knot Bag

Yarn Therapy Knot BagAnother knot bag is finished and in my Etsy shop.  This design was fun to embroider, tho because of the number of stitches in the embroidery and the number of color changes was time consuming, but I think it turned out pretty nice :).

The Jasmine scarf I’m working on is coming along, I’m closer to finishing it.  Hopefully it will be soon and I’ll post a picture of it before I mail it out to my friend.

Sheep Bag Added to Etsy :)

Medium Sheep Knot Bag I finally had some spare time to embroider and sew a new bag for my Etsy shop :).  It is a cute little sheep, what better to grace a knitting/spinning project bag than a cute sheep :).  I have another bag I have embroidered and will finish sewing tomorrow to list in the shop, and fabric for two more large bags, cute stuff :).

This time of year, with Spring not far off, I sure miss getting ready to start a garden and growing all the wonderful things it produces :).  Going to try to get some squash plants to grow on my balcony again, maybe they will do better this year.

Sock Journey Has Begun!

1st SockWell, my sock journey has begun.  I chose Regia yarn color 03765.  It has an interesting design and is fun to watch it unfold as I knit.  I am using a size 1  Addi Turbo 8″ circular needle.  Very small to knit with but since I really don’t like double pointed needles (which is why I haven’t been a big sock knitter), it’s working out all right.  I had knit one pair of tube socks (no heel) on double pointed needles (see photo on the right), but this is a regular sock with a heel flap.  We will see how it goes :P.  The pattern, a basic sock pattern (it’s one she uses to teach new sock knitters and I have no link to share with you, sorry),  was gifted to me by Benita aka the Fiber Pusher on Ravelry and she has a blog/podcast, Basically Benita ,  as well.  You should check her out at either or both places :).

Jasmine Scarf :)

Jasmine Scarf  This scarf is called the Jasmine Scarf by Pearl Soho.  I was intrigued with the pattern design.  It looks like a herringbone design and is pretty.  I’m hoping to have this done in the next week,  I am making this for a friend who just had her last round of chemo and is cold and requested a scarf.  I thought this design was pretty and wanted to use a nice warm yarn so I chose some of my prized Andean Yarns, Alpaquita Superfina.  I was lucky enough a couple of years ago to buy a full pack of 8 skeins of this yarn because it is soooo soft and squishy.  Unfortunately it is now discontinued, but I use it for special occasions :).  My friend is special :).