Melissa Gilbert Promoting Her New Cookbook!!!

Melissa Gilbert - New Cookbook

Melissa Gilbert – New Cookbook

I talked my daughter into giving me an early Birthday present.  She took me to see Melissa Gilbert (Laura of Little House on the Prairie) who was in town, yesterday, to promote her newest endeavor, a cookbook.  The cookbook is wonderful and as a bonus it has many photos of behind the scenes things and stories of the Little House TV series, and in the book she also answered questions that have been asked regarding the series.  All in all a very fun cookbook, and she was very entertaining.  She talked for a little over an hour, including letting the audience ask her questions.  At the end, she signed the all cookbooks.  The audience was so large that they ran out and not everyone was able to buy one, they brought 100 books to sell at the promotion – they hadn’t expected quite so many people,  I had told my daughter we needed to get there at least an hour early, so glad we did :).  Yesterday was the 1st day of it’s release, so my daughter and I got one of the first 100 books sold on the first day of it’s release.   It was a very fun day!! 🙂  She is a delightful person :).

I am working on 4 knitted items, in this order – a comfort shawl for a friend who had her twins too early and they didn’t live (it’s close to being done), the scarf from the handspun from a friends sheep’s fleece, finishing the sweater I promised a very special little one, and a pair of prairie boots I promised another special person. 🙂  Pictures will be provided when I am done with each. 🙂

9/11 2014

In Memory

In Memory

As we remember the 13th year since this heinous attack was perpetrated, may we take a moment to remember all those who died on this day 13 years ago and thank those who helped in the aftermath. I would like to salute those heroes on flight 93, and all those who, on that day, willingly and unselfishly sacrificed their lives to save the lives of others. I also salute those in our armed services who have given their lives and those who continue to fight, selflessly putting their own lives in jeopardy to protect us and others from terrorism. They are all heroes to me and I will never forget.