2 Scarves Finished :)

Horseshoe Cable Scarf finishedJacobs Ladder Scarf finished

Ok, these two wool scarves are finished.  The pattern called, on the Jacob’s Ladder (to the right), to start in the middle and work down on both sides, but I hate having to pick up stitches, seems like an un-necessary step to me (maybe because I’m a lazy knitter? :P), so I started at one end and after the full middle part when I started the other side of the scarf, I just reversed the cables.  Worked out well :).  I know that is not possible on all patterns, but on the items where I can (like cables) I prefer not to have to mess with a special cast on that I can unravel and to pick up stitches.  Just my preference, other knitters don’t mind :).

I chose to do the same thing on the Horseshoe scarf (to the left) because I wanted the cable to both be coming up the same way and not having it upside down on the other side.  so in the middle I just reversed the cable and it gave an added dimension to the middle of the scarf, which if you enlarge the picture by clicking on it, you can see at the top of the scarf).  I will give these to the missionaries on Sunday.  I’m sure they will be well used.

I can’t start the other set of scarves I need to make for Christmas until I get paid next week as I will have to buy the yarn since I do not have time to spin.  I will go with Alpaca instead of wool since they are paying for the scarves and I’m sure they will be pleased with the extreme softness that fiber will have next to the skin.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving and that you enjoy the Christmas season.