2nd Fiber Festival

The pictures are so much better on my new phone!! I forgot to take pictures at the fiber festival again, :/ sorry. I also forgot to get pictures of several skeins of yarn I bought for my son to make socks on his sock knitting machine for his spouse Ev, who picked out the skeins of yarn for his socks :), and I bought some roving for my son to spin on his new E6 electric spinning wheel, was too exciting to remember some things, like taking pictures :p. I bought 2 needle felted zipper decorated pieces of art, but yeah, I forgot to get a picture of one of them before I gifted it, it was a beautiful nativity for a friend who collects nativity deco for her Christmas tree. The first picture is one of the needle felted zipper decorated pins I bought for myself, because I love sheep, I didn’t see an alpaca, but I love all things I can spin :).

The 2nd picture is a beautiful tweed braid of roving that I bought to spin, I love the muted colors!!! This will be fun to spin and knit up!

The 3rd picture is from a class my son signed me up at for the fiber festival, a needle felting class for felted pictures. It was so awesome, but I am going to need to practice a whole lot more, but it was fun!

I love Spring but I always forget at the front part it’s back and forth between cooler weather and warmer weather and all the storms and rain. But that is ok, it’s not below 0 and it’s not snow anymore!! I hope everyone is enjoying their weather where ever you are. ūüôā

Blending Cloth Arrived!


My blending cloth came today from Howard Brush Co in ME, USA.¬† I ordered it this past week end and it was sent on Monday and I received it today,¬† ¬†I have to say not only is the quality excellent but the process was so fast!!¬† In the first picture is some of the fiber that will be spun on the 2nd bobbin for the yarn I am working on.¬† The 1st bobbin is pictured below (lol obviously way below.)¬† The 2nd picture is my first rolag, more on that in a moment.¬† The blending board DIY project is not hard, it will requite a 12X12 piece of blending cloth (mine is 72 TPI, teeth per sq inch), that seems to be a reg normal.¬† Cloth for finer fibers will have 90 TPI.¬† You will also need a wooden cutting board large enough for the 12X12 cloth, I got mine at Tuesday Morning it is a 16X13.5.¬† You will also need a dowel cut into 16 inch lengths (you should get 3 from one dowel, you will only need two 16″ lengths so one dowel is plenty) I had mine cut at Home Depot, which is where I bought the dowel.¬† I’m sure Lowe’s would cut it for you if you bought it at their store as well. If you already have a staple gun you are good to go, if not you will need to purchase one of those as well.¬† My staple gun was only $16.¬† Ok, big fopah there, my dad always taught me never to say only and money in the same sentence.¬† Sorry Dad!¬† Staple the cloth to the cutting board (DO NOT glue it) the cloth will need the flexibility of NOT being glued down.¬† You will need a stiff paint brush or if you don’t mind spending the money, Howard Brush Co has special tools you can use to push the fiber into the teeth as you put it on the blending board.¬† Total cost for me was Blending Cloth $52, Cutting Board, $11, Staple Gun $16, dowel $1.50.¬† I already had a tool to help push the fiber into the teeth of the blending cloth.¬† If you buy the blending board it can cost up to $200.¬† DIY is nice :).

I will put a link¬† to a video on youtube by the Knitting Expat for how to make and use your new DIY blending board :).¬† I follow her knitting podcasts but if you are only interested in the blending board info it starts at about 13.27 into this video.¬† ¬†There are many other video’s on youtube that you can watch as well for using the blending board.

Ok two lessons I have learned for using the blending board already: #1 DO NOT roll your rolags to tight when you are rolling them off the blending board or it’s a real struggle to get the dowels out, hahahaha¬† #2 be careful when using the blending brush with the metal teeth (or dog grooming tool if that is what you get), because the teeth on the blending board are not forgiving on your fingers!! :P.¬† Think I will get a stiff paint brush to test out as well :).¬† I’m sure there will be many more lessons.

¬† Ok earlier I said to see the picture below for the 1st bobbin of singles I just finished spinning.¬† I’m ready to put it in now, sorry I am a bit wordy when I try to explain things :P.¬† I wish the colors would be more true, it really is much brighter than this.¬† ¬†It is dark aqua (or light teal) and varying shades of purple.¬† This bobbin is mostly the purple.¬† The 2nd bobbin will have mostly the dark aqua with some purple running through it so it will contrast and and be more fractal.¬† Looking forward to seeing how it will turn out :).¬† No plans in my head yet as to what I want to knit with it.¬† I’m sure it will be next week before I have a plyed yarn, because tomorrow I have a young family member coming so I can show her how to make an fresh apple pie and apple butter.¬† ūüôā


Snow Woman!

Snow Woman!


Is this not so cute?¬† My sister made this for me for Christmas.¬† She promised to put the instructions up on her blog Eat It Anyway.¬† I’ll keep bugging her until she does cos’ I want to make¬†a pair (snowman and snowwoman)¬†lol.¬† She has some awesome things under Share It on her blog.¬†¬†¬† If you haven’t visited her site I would suggest it, she’s very crafty (in a good way :P).

For those of you following the weather here in IA, yes we are VERY cold.¬† It is -3F outside and if that were all it wouldn’t be too bad but with the wind chill it is about -28F, brrrrr.¬† It will only continue to get colder as the day goes on. ¬†They closed the schools here today because of the wind chill.¬† It will be colder tonight at -17F ambient temp so I imagine the wind chill will be in the -30’s to -40’s depending on the wind.¬† I’m inside where I am safe and warm :).¬†¬† On a positive note, it will be up to 17 on Saturday ¬†and maybe the low 20’s on Sunday :).

No matter where you live, stay warm today :).

Jacob’s Ladder Seaman’s Scarf

Jacob's Ladder Seaman's Scarf

Horseshoe Cabled ScarfI have been working on the scarves.¬† I finished the first one, the Jacob’s Ladder Seaman’s Scarf, shown on the left.¬† It was a fun knit (this picture was taken¬†before blocking).¬† I am working on the scarf showing on the right.¬† I decided since the missionary¬†I’m knitting this for¬†didn’t want a seaman’s style scarf that I would do a different pattern and chose the horseshoe cable stitch from this scarf.¬† I love knitting cable designs, they are interesting to knit and visually appealing. ūüôā


Wall DecorationMy best friend in high school sent this to me.¬† Her mother passed away this year but had been working on the things she always puts into a Christmas Craft Fair every year.¬† Her mom had chosen the fabric and cut it out but didn’t get a chance to put it together.¬† My friend decided she would like me to have it, so she finished it.¬† How wonderful it is to have something from her and her mom.¬† It is a very lovely wall d√©cor piece and the sentimental value is priceless.¬† Her mother was a wonderful lady who had many talents and was quick to share them.¬† She will be missed.


Happy Valentines Day :)

wing chimes

Wind Chimes

Sock Critters

Sock Critters

My sister is a very talented lady :).¬† She has designed these “critters”.¬† They are sock dolls of a sort.¬† They are really so cute!!!¬† The picture on the right are some Wind Chimes (well they dont really have any chimes on them, just wasn’t sure what else to call them).¬† You can click on the picture to enlarge the view and I have another picture below to show them up close.¬† They are very pretty :).¬† How lucky am I to be related to her? ūüôā¬† Especially when she gives me stuff ūüôā¬† ¬†You can view her site here to see the things she makes and the tutorials she puts up on how to make them :).¬† Look under share it for her blog on what she made and the drop down under¬†create it for the tutorials :).

Wind Chimes 2

Wind Chimes 2

Well the ground hog saw his shadow this month and made me very sad. ūüė¶¬† We have had a very cold and very snowy winter, just like that danged Farmer’s Almanac said we would.¬† I think I’m gonna work on outlawing that thing, unless of course it comes up with a better prediction for this coming winter :).¬† I see that wordpress has updated some stuff and I can’t find spell check, sigh, so I hope everything is spelled ok, if not I’m gonna blame WordPress :P.

Oh My Gosh, A Small Miracle!

Ok, I’m a ditz!!¬† I was coming home from Easter Service today and when I stopped at a red light (about¬†5 miles from church – having gone up a winding hill at about 35 mph and then down a big hill at 45 mph (if I mind the speed limit, there are no police reading my blog right?)) someone honked from behind.¬† I didn’t think anything about it, but then this lady runs up to my window grabs something off the¬†roof of my car¬†and hands me my purse – LOL I had¬†left it on the roof of my car¬†because¬†my hands were full of stuff from the Primary class I teach and I forgot to get it off and put it in the car with me.¬† I can’t believe that it was still on the roof of my car.¬† I profusely thanked the lady and then said a quick prayer of thanks to my Father in Heaven for that little miracle and for loving me in spite of my ditziness.¬† I think he has his hands full with me.

Easter Goodies

One of my friends at church today gave me a little treat.¬† They are so cute, I was trying to get a picture of them before I ate them all.¬† Only 3 of the¬†5 made it to get photographed :P.¬† Wasn’t she clever?¬† The baskets were made from a sugar cookie recipe (made without the leavening) and put over the outside of¬†a little mini muffin pan (cool idea).¬† She used icing to make the grass inside¬†(special tip, or some kind of very small long candy things, I have an awesome grasp of language don’t I ūüėõ *updated – sprinkles is what I was trying to think of, hehe)¬†and secure the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies in with¬†frosting¬†;).¬† Ok Susie now you can experiment – I’ll let my talented sister show you how they are done :P.¬† You can see my sister’s awesome blog about food and crafts¬†at Eat It Anyway.

Spring Has Sprung!!

Butterfly Shadow Box

I saw the male Robins last week, was sooooo excited – Spring is here, tho’ I have to¬†admit we had a really awesome winter this year.¬† I always love this time of year, with the tulips, crocus, and my favorite – Hyacinths (absolutely wonderful fragrant smell!!!),¬†and other early spring flowers coming up.¬† I love everything about Spring!!!!

I went to a craft get together early this afternoon that our Relief Society president does once a month so we can all get together and enjoy each other’s company.¬† For those not familiar with what Relief Society is, it’s a woman’s organization in our Church that is dedicated to helping others, and uplifting not only others but our selves as well.¬† There were several projects to choose from but I absolutely adore butterflies so I chose this Butterfly Shadow Box to do.¬† It was simple and fun. ūüėȬ† I’m excited to see what we can chose to do next month.¬† Hey Sis, you would love this one.

Update on 2nd Comfort Shawl – Kinda Sorta :)

Click on picture for larger image


Well, obviously deadlines were made to be broken ;).¬† I have been knitting on it , and this is not a great picture but just to show you it’s a bit over 1/2 way¬†done.¬† I wasn’t able to knit on it as much as I had hoped and I made an error on a row and will have to tink back 3 rows to fix it, arrrgh!¬† That has made me put it aside for a few days but I’m going to tink the rows back¬†this evening¬†and get started on it again.¬† There will be a few changes to the pattern before I publish it on my website, some things that I weren’t what I was trying to do, but can fix them¬†in the pattern.

I hope you all have had a chance to check out my sister’s blog Eat It Anyway, she has some good recipes and awesome crafts there. (Hey, sis, can I have some pralines now?) hehe.

White Elephant Gifts on a Budget

You've Been Bad

You've Been Bad


We had our Single Adult Christmas party tonight for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd wards of my Church.  We were told to bring a White Elephant gift.  Now my friends will know where my oldest son got his sense of humor from ;P.  The glass decanter was something that I found and I bought winter stickers to go on it.  I used a craft joke I had seen many years ago that would work with this decanter and bought the mini marshmellows and made the card that I hung on the decanter (you can click on the picture for a larger image).   Hehe, it still makes me laugh :P.


The other gift, yes that is a roll of¬†toilet paper¬†that I discovered you¬†can embroider on.¬†¬† I got the embroidery idea from this¬† website , ¬†found a cute design and walaa, cuteness :).¬† It’s a very inexpensive way to dress up a bathroom and it¬†got a chuckle or two. ūüôā¬† Anyway these were what the one that ended up with my gift got.

Suri Alpaca

click on picture for larger image

click on picture for larger image


¬†About 2 weeks ago I received a 1 oz sample of Suri Alpaca.¬† I have not had the pleasure of handling or spinning Suri Alpaca.¬†¬†The fiber¬†is very silky and drapey as compared to Huacaya Alpaca that has more spring or crimp, both are very soft.¬† I need to finish the Llama that I have on the wheel so that I can try this out.¬† I love new fiber experiences. ūüôā¬† I appologize for not putting this picture up sooner, my life has been a zoo for the last couple of weeks.¬† I put Ann’s card on the fiber so you can see where this lovely fiber came from or you can click here to go to her website.


click on picture for larger image

click on picture for larger image


¬†I have also finished a fleece tied blanket for my grand daughter Leena.¬† Her birthday was a few days after mine and things and time got away from me.¬† This was a little bit larger project than I anticiapated (probably because I had not done one before ;P).¬† But it’s finished and it looks very nice.¬† The color on the¬†underneath side matches the bow tie on the teddy bears.



I have throughly enjoyed the wonderful 60’s that we’ve had here yesterday and today.¬† It is like an early spring and so very wonderful.¬† I will try to hold onto¬†the wamth and sunshine during the upcoming cold winter that is sure to come soon.¬† But then spring will be just around the corner. ūüôā