Basia Hat Done :)

Basia Hat right side out  Basia hat inside out

The Basia Hat has been an easy and fun knit.  We discovered that you can also wear it inside out! As you can see on the picture on the right it gives a honey comb effect.  She liked both designs, but really liked the honey comb.  Pretty cool to have a hat that can be worn right side out and inside out :).

Actually the color is closer to the picture on the left.  It is shaded from darker to lighter, really pretty.  It will be well loved 🙂

2 New Knot Bags & Knitting a New Hat

Got Fiber Knot Bag



Stress Zebra Knot Bag

I put these two bags in my Etsy shop.  I’ve made the Stress Zebra Knot Bag before for a friend but this one is for my shop, it’s just so cute.  Don’t we all feel like this sometimes?  The alpaca design looked very good, but it’s a pain to sew out because  of all the thread color changes, even tho some of the colors are the same.  Still it’s a nice looking design.

Basia Hat for JadeThis hat, Basia, is a very nice knit and the texture design is pleasant to look at.  I’m making this for a special family member who requested a hat from me.  She said she wanted lavender, so I ordered the Lilac Jacquard acid dye for 1 of the polypay skeins I still have (only about 4 more skeins tho, have thoroughly enjoyed knitting them :P).  I love the way kettle dying comes out, instead of one solid color they are usually shaded, no complaints here :).  You can also see on the hat the beautiful stitch marker I got from MekaMika on etsy.

The mega snow storm missed us except for a trace of snow.  I won’t complain, I didn’t want 1 or 2 feet of snow :).  I love the El Ninos that come every few years, they make for a much more pleasant winter here :).

Let It Snow Knot Bag

Let It Snow Knot Bag This will probably be my last winter bag, tho I’ve been known to change my mind before :).  I liked this embroidery because it has a swirl that looks like a winter wind swirling around some really pretty snowflakes :).  We finally started getting snow this month.  I’m ready for Spring already tho. 🙂

Time to get my eyes checked again, I think I need new glasses for close up work, sigh.

Still working on the comfort shawl, have about 1 & 1/3 skeins left to knit.  I know, I know, knit faster :P.

New Embroidered Knot Bags and It’s Fridgid Tonight

Knitting Keeps me from Unraveling Knot BagObsessed Knitter Knot Bag

I decided to do some sewing this week end after removing some seasonal knot bags out of my Etsy shop.  I decided I needed to add some more embroidered knot bags.  The bag on the left is one I am sending to a knitting podcaster for review.  It will be a way to get some exposure for my bags :).  After she has reviewed it, I will put a link on my blog to her podcast :).  I have another one embroidered but not sewn up yet and two more to be embroidered.  The embroidered bags take  longer to make due to the embroidery so they are a little more expensive.

I’m working on a comfort shawl for a friend who lost her companion this week.  Loss is so hard :(.

The weather here has finally hit WINTER, ugh.  We are suppose to be around -4 tonight but we are having high winds and they said that would make the wind chill between -20 and -30.  But at least it will only be for tonight and tomorrow morning, then the winds die down and we will warm up just a bit.  We will have snow on Monday and Tuesday and then we will warm back up into the 20’s in the day and teens at night :).  Is it Spring yet?

One More Large Cardinal Knot Bag

Cardinal Knot Bag 2  I thought I had blogged on this addition to my Etsy shop but I don’t see it on my blog so I guess I only thought about it and didn’t follow through, sheesh.  I loved this fabric because it was less busy and had those beautiful line drawn flowers in the background with some stamps that look like passport stamps, which adds background interest.

I’m working on another embroidered bag or two, hopefully will have pictures to put up in a day or so.

Hat Finished :)

Another Hat

These hats are quick, relaxing to make and they look nice.  I wish I could find the website I got this pattern from so I could share it with you.  I usually am pretty good about noting the website for the patterns, but I’ll be more diligent in the future about notating on my pattern where it was from if it isn’t showing when I copy free patterns from the net.  Because of copyright issues I can’t post patterns without permission from the designer, so I usually just put a link to the website.

I like this style especially in the cold climates because the long nature of the hat allows you to fold up the bottom into a cuff and that doubles the knitted fabric over the forehead, ears and back of the neck, and keeps those areas much warmer, and wool is warm anyway so it’s a win/win :).

Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start :).

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 and New Year Knitting


I wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with spiritual peace.  May we look forward and not backward.

One more hat start

Yes, I’m knitting one more hat, was trying to get done before the New Year but alas it won’t be done until New Year’s day.   This is some of the polypay yarn I had processed from the fleece that was given to me.  I dyed it blue but some of the yarn didn’t take up the dye as well as other parts in the skein and there were some very light spots from where the skein was tied (even tho’ I loosened the ties quite a bit), but you know what, it makes it look like faded denim so I am not going to complain, I know the recipient will enjoy it :P.

I made a knSocks by Ann Budditting New Years resolution, I made other resolutions too, but if I share them and I don’t complete them I’d have to hunt you down and wipe your memory (like they do on Star Trek)  so you are better off not knowing what they are :P.  My knitting resolution is to knit some socks.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I’ve gotten a step closer when I bought  this book by Ann Budd, who is well known in the knitting community for sock construction, today at the 1/2 Price Book Store (I love that store!!).  The other book I have ordered from Amazon is Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka in the knitting world as  “the Yarn Harlot”.  It has a sock pattern called sock recipe: a good plain sock.  I have heard many people say this is their go to sock pattern.  Then when I get the sock pattern I want I will get the needle size it calls for (because the needles I will get are Addi Turbo 12″ circular needles and are expensive so I need the pattern first to see if I need size 0’s, or 1’s, I’m not a big fan of double pointed needles) and begin my sock journey.  🙂