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One of my best friends moved out west a few months ago and I sure miss her.  When I told her I would be getting a cast she said, choose PINK, lol, so I did.   I go back for another x-ray  in about 1 1/2 weeks.  If the healing is progressing well, they will put on another cast for three more weeks and hopefully I’ll be good to go.  If the bone finished the crack to the edge of the bone or the cap on the hand under the little finger, which looked like it broke loose, (what it looks like to me, no clue what it is called) slipped anymore then it will be surgery with pins and screws.  I’m staying positive and have decided on purple for my next cast :).

While trying to figure out the best way to secure a plastic bag on my hand to keep the water away from my cast so I could take a shower and wash my hair ( showers by themselves with a cast aren’t to tricky but washing your hair is a whole other matter) and being single and trying to do this all by myself, a little frustration crept in (like how am I suppose to secure this bag with only one hand).  Left to my own devices, I’m a fairly happy person, and tho I do get anxious and have anxiety over things sometimes, I really don’t like the negative feelings frustrations bring so decided after a few tears that I could figure this out.  I have very long hair and washing it was also not going to be fun with just one hand, but I plowed ahead.  I wrapped a hand towel around my arm, just above the cast to keep any leaking water  from dripping in and secured it with a large safety pin, oh my, have you ever tried to secure a safety pin one handed?  Got it, then I put a garbage bag over my hand and just past the hand towel.  I had some large hair rubber bands, ok here we go.  Got three of them over the cast and over the hand towel and they felt snug enough.  Ever realize just how long a garbage bag really is?  It was long enough that I could twist it until it was pretty sung on my arm, twist the remaining part on down to the end and hold it in place with the fingers on my injured hand.   Ok,  now about that long twisted piece I was holding on to.  One more band to the wrist part on my cast to keep it manageable.  Got it!!!  After struggling with washing, rinsing and putting on conditioner on my waist length hair one handed, I was getting out of the shower and caught a glimpse of my arm with the trash bag over it in the mirror and burst out in laughter, it looked like the Michelin tire man, hahaha.  Levity really does lighten heavy loads.

My heart goes out to our Veterans who have served our country and have to deal with permanent life changes while what I am dealing with is only a temporary (tho frustrating) inconvenience to me.  Bless you all, my thoughts and prayers are with and for you, you are heroes to me.

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  1. It is surprising how we take being two handed for granted. When my son broke his wrist we had the option of a waterproof cast. The insurance would not cover the full amount but we picked up the different which for us was $30 and totally worth every penny. He wore two different casts over 12 weeks. It would have been impossible to keep it dry that long.
    Good luck to you! The pink cast looks fun!

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