Not Exactly How I Planed My Day Yesterday

broken hand

I had my regular check up yesterday and everything was looking excellent.  Started feeling dizzy as I got ready to leave her exam room.  Told the Dr’s nurse that I felt flushed & dizzy and didn’t feel well (how in the world can that be, bp was normal, blood sugar was great, heart sounded good, all in all a great check up.)  I told her nurse I thought I should go to the rest room and got up to head that way, oops very dizzy now, tried to catch myself, and, lol, that didn’t go well.  Fell into the door jam on my left side, crashed down to my knees, threw my left hand out to keep from hitting my head as I went down, oh yeah, ouchie.  They made me stay on the floor, rechecked my blood sugar, normal, redid my blood pressure, and couldn’t get a reading, I laughed and said “I must have some, I’m still here” :P,  they laughed, levity always makes things better.  Told the nurse as she redid the blood pressure cuff, “see the lengths I go to to get some attention?”  she laughed but I could tell she still wasn’t getting a reading.  They got a forearm cuff and finally got a reading, yes my bp had plummeted to 80/40.  Wisk, I was in an ambulance going to the hospital emergency room.  My bp started improving on the way in the ambulance (probably the good looking paramedic :P.)  The emergency room Dr did an x-ray of my hand, looked at the now huge bruise and bump on my upper left arm, more blood work, and a heart monitor.  Arm is good just bruised pretty good, heart fine, knees skinned, blood work fine, but hand broken.  I have a cast splint on it, but go to the hand Dr tomorrow for what they said will probably be a full cast, this is to let the swelling go down before they put a real cast on it.  So no knitting for a while, but I think once the pain is better, I can still spin.  Maybe I’m allergic to the Dr’s office :P.  The picture is how you take an awkward picture of your own hand :P.  All kidding aside, at least that didn’t happen while driving home, and it was my left hand and not my right,  the Lord had my back,  blessings.


what kind of flower   I took this picture before my Dr’s appointment.  I have never seen one before, the leaves are very interesting, similar to a palm leaf but not quite.  It is a vine plant of some kind, anyone know what it is?

As a typist, typing one handed is slow and not fun :P.

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  1. You need to find out what caused your sudden drop in BP. I got food poisoning once that caused the same thing. It happened a couple hours after I ate.

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