Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving DayHope everyone is having a Happy Thanksgiving Day.  My thoughts and prayers are going out to those who suffered devastating losses in the California fires :(, and all those who had no family to celebrate with.   My heart is breaking for them.

I may not have much according to the world, but I have enough.  I have my faith, my family, a warm place to live, food on my table and clothes on my back.  I even have some things that I wanted, a spinning wheel (that was given to me – could not afford to buy one), my knitting needles, some yarn to knit and fiber to spin, a computer (a gift from my dad).  I have an older car that allows me to get around in town and a working sewing machine I’ve had for about 20 years, that allows me to do some sewing (repairs and gifts).  I can not complain because there are others who have less.  I’m grateful for the things the Lord has provided for me.  I wasn’t always grateful because I saw the things others had, but as I saw the lack and needs of others who had less than I did,  I began thanking our Father in Heaven for those things I had neglected to recognize as blessings in my life.  It has given me a sense of peace and comfort to see and recognize all the Lord has blessed me with.  I hope you find things to be grateful for too even tho there is so much strife and drama in the world, there are things in our lives that are blessings and tender mercies.  Sharing what we have is a blessing to others, not only lifting them but us as well.  I hope we can all find ways to bless others’ lives.

Happy Birthday Dad! And Snow is Coming!

My Dad Happy 29th Birthday (again) Dad!!!  Best Dad in the world!!

Our weather report says snow over night and into tomorrow totaling between 1 and 3 inches.  In the 30’s here today and 20’s to low 30’s tomorrow, sigh.  Guess the Old Farmers Almanac is gonna be right about more snow and colder temps this winter.

**UPDATE** The snow here was only a trace, 1″ and up was south of us.  But it was our first snow for the 2018-2019 winter.  Yeah, it’s already melted :P.

Sudden Loss

Scarfalong  This is my progress on the Scarf Along I was doing with my friend Kari.

I got a call from another friend of ours today to tell me  Kari was killed in a one car accident yesterday evening.  My heart hurts over her loss.  She was my Harry Potter marathon buddy when I lived in TN.  We would have a Harry Potter marathon every 3 months or so, popcorn, soft drinks and knitting.  We went to church together (where I met her) and I enjoyed her “lets go do something” attitude.  She will be very missed.  I will finish my scarf in her memory.

One More Contraption to Wear on the Road to Recovery.

splint/brace Well, had my hand Dr appt. today and the cast is off!  I will now be wearing this for at least the next 4 weeks.  Plus starting Thursday I will be having physical therapy appts, where I will find out what my new physical therapist determines will be the duration of my torture, I mean therapy sessions.  The dr was nice enough to prescribe me pain meds for the upcoming therapy sessions after he bent my little finger to see it’s flexibility after being in the cast for 6 weeks and my eyes almost bugged out of my head, and I said I don’t think I want physical therapy.  He then informed me that if I didn’t I would lose a lot of mobility in my fingers, and to be honest at that point I would have been fine with that :P.   Can you tell I am not looking forward to these?  I’m accepting volunteers to take my place for those :P.

I was hoping I would be knitting again, however I did not anticipate having a splint/brace on for at least another month, sigh.  Maybe time to see if I can figure out the throwing knitting style or a variation there of (I normally knit the combined continental knitting style, also referred to as picking, so I use my left hand for my knitting tension like a crocheter does and my right hand does the actual knitting.)  Time to get serious to see if I can spin with my left hand in this contraption.  At least, I can take it off to wash my hair :), and for those dang physical therapy sessions and whatever home exercises they make me do.  Otherwise it is to be in this thing, tho honestly, my hand is grateful for the support the splint/brace gives.  Aspirin at this point is my friend :).


Just one more set, honest :P   I couldn’t resist this one more stitch marker set from Adore Knits , it was on sale and so darn cute! These are tiny for sock knitting, which works well for me because I have to use size 0 to get gauge for my socks.

New Purple Cast

new cast2 Well I went to the Dr.’s yesterday and good news, the x-ray showed no slipping, of the fractured piece of bone that was broken loose in my hand under the little finger.  So no surgery!  This new purple cast will be on for 3 weeks then it can come off and physical torture, I mean physical therapy will start.  A friend said be sure to ask for pain meds.  I said “aspirin won’t take care of the pain?”, he said, “nope.”  Ugh.

Miss my knitting.  Might try to spin some time this week to see if I can do it with this cast on.  Would be a relaxing diversion.  My Baynes spinning wheel is in the back ground, getting no love at the moment, but we will see if that can be remedied.

We have been having heavy storms every day now for over a week, and the weather pattern shows the storms taking a brief respite tomorrow and then continuing through Saturday.  We have been in flood warning for a week and have over flowing rivers and two days ago 4 tornadoes touched down in areas close to, but not super close to my town, except one, which touched down in the city adjoining my town.  A sample of the winter weather pattern?  If so we should be prepared for a lot of snow and I hear the old farmer almanac also predicting very cold harsh temps, sigh.  Guess I will be looking to see if the woolly caterpillars are out in force this fall (the older people use that as an indicator of colder temps for the winter here.)


new cast

One of my best friends moved out west a few months ago and I sure miss her.  When I told her I would be getting a cast she said, choose PINK, lol, so I did.   I go back for another x-ray  in about 1 1/2 weeks.  If the healing is progressing well, they will put on another cast for three more weeks and hopefully I’ll be good to go.  If the bone finished the crack to the edge of the bone or the cap on the hand under the little finger, which looked like it broke loose, (what it looks like to me, no clue what it is called) slipped anymore then it will be surgery with pins and screws.  I’m staying positive and have decided on purple for my next cast :).

While trying to figure out the best way to secure a plastic bag on my hand to keep the water away from my cast so I could take a shower and wash my hair ( showers by themselves with a cast aren’t to tricky but washing your hair is a whole other matter) and being single and trying to do this all by myself, a little frustration crept in (like how am I suppose to secure this bag with only one hand).  Left to my own devices, I’m a fairly happy person, and tho I do get anxious and have anxiety over things sometimes, I really don’t like the negative feelings frustrations bring so decided after a few tears that I could figure this out.  I have very long hair and washing it was also not going to be fun with just one hand, but I plowed ahead.  I wrapped a hand towel around my arm, just above the cast to keep any leaking water  from dripping in and secured it with a large safety pin, oh my, have you ever tried to secure a safety pin one handed?  Got it, then I put a garbage bag over my hand and just past the hand towel.  I had some large hair rubber bands, ok here we go.  Got three of them over the cast and over the hand towel and they felt snug enough.  Ever realize just how long a garbage bag really is?  It was long enough that I could twist it until it was pretty sung on my arm, twist the remaining part on down to the end and hold it in place with the fingers on my injured hand.   Ok,  now about that long twisted piece I was holding on to.  One more band to the wrist part on my cast to keep it manageable.  Got it!!!  After struggling with washing, rinsing and putting on conditioner on my waist length hair one handed, I was getting out of the shower and caught a glimpse of my arm with the trash bag over it in the mirror and burst out in laughter, it looked like the Michelin tire man, hahaha.  Levity really does lighten heavy loads.

My heart goes out to our Veterans who have served our country and have to deal with permanent life changes while what I am dealing with is only a temporary (tho frustrating) inconvenience to me.  Bless you all, my thoughts and prayers are with and for you, you are heroes to me.

Not Exactly How I Planed My Day Yesterday

broken hand

I had my regular check up yesterday and everything was looking excellent.  Started feeling dizzy as I got ready to leave her exam room.  Told the Dr’s nurse that I felt flushed & dizzy and didn’t feel well (how in the world can that be, bp was normal, blood sugar was great, heart sounded good, all in all a great check up.)  I told her nurse I thought I should go to the rest room and got up to head that way, oops very dizzy now, tried to catch myself, and, lol, that didn’t go well.  Fell into the door jam on my left side, crashed down to my knees, threw my left hand out to keep from hitting my head as I went down, oh yeah, ouchie.  They made me stay on the floor, rechecked my blood sugar, normal, redid my blood pressure, and couldn’t get a reading, I laughed and said “I must have some, I’m still here” :P,  they laughed, levity always makes things better.  Told the nurse as she redid the blood pressure cuff, “see the lengths I go to to get some attention?”  she laughed but I could tell she still wasn’t getting a reading.  They got a forearm cuff and finally got a reading, yes my bp had plummeted to 80/40.  Wisk, I was in an ambulance going to the hospital emergency room.  My bp started improving on the way in the ambulance (probably the good looking paramedic :P.)  The emergency room Dr did an x-ray of my hand, looked at the now huge bruise and bump on my upper left arm, more blood work, and a heart monitor.  Arm is good just bruised pretty good, heart fine, knees skinned, blood work fine, but hand broken.  I have a cast splint on it, but go to the hand Dr tomorrow for what they said will probably be a full cast, this is to let the swelling go down before they put a real cast on it.  So no knitting for a while, but I think once the pain is better, I can still spin.  Maybe I’m allergic to the Dr’s office :P.  The picture is how you take an awkward picture of your own hand :P.  All kidding aside, at least that didn’t happen while driving home, and it was my left hand and not my right,  the Lord had my back,  blessings.


what kind of flower   I took this picture before my Dr’s appointment.  I have never seen one before, the leaves are very interesting, similar to a palm leaf but not quite.  It is a vine plant of some kind, anyone know what it is?

As a typist, typing one handed is slow and not fun :P.

Some Spinning

Kettle dyed polypay roving

I have been very lax this year on my knitting and spinning.   As I said before in one of my posts, just very unmotivated this year.   So I said to myself, time to get the show on the road girl and get some things done, a change of attitude is what I need.  So I will begin by making myself do something with my knitting or spinning every day, knowing that eventually I will be back in the swing of things.  I still love knitting and spinning, just not motivated to do them, so I will treat myself like one of my children and make me do it :P.

This  is some left over Polypay roving that I kettle dyed a few years ago.  Thought I would kill two birds with one stone and get it spun (won’t be a lot of yarn, maybe 200 yds of heavy fingering) while I learn to spin properly on my Rick Reeves spinning wheel.  I’m still working on figuring out the tension on the double band drive so…. it is over spinning a little bit, but eventually it will be right.  I did this yesterday and will spin on it every day until it’s done.  I also need to get a pair of socks started for my dad for his birthday, I have a few months before that is here, but considering how long I took with my last pair of socks, LOL, I need to get the show on the road!

HFO! I know it’s about Time

Hermionies Everyday Socks hfo

I finally have one sock done!  It is not blocked yet, tho the ends are woven in, I just put it on the blocker so you could see it better.  For my non knitting friends, a hfo (some knitters call them a ho, but, lol I don’t like that term)  is a Half Finished Object.  One more sock and I’ll have a pair done, which is a FO  (finished object) ;).  Hopefully this 2nd one won’t take as long :P.  This is a fun design that is easy to memorize.  It seems harder to see on darker yarns tho.

We have another few days this coming week of 90’s weather and some storms at the end of the week.  I try not to complain too much because before you know it, it will be winter again.  School starts the end of next month, so it will be upon us before you know it.  The hot weather may not be much fun, but at least there is air conditioning and you aren’t driving in bitter cold with ice and snow.