New Purple Cast

new cast2 Well I went to the Dr.’s yesterday and good news, the x-ray showed no slipping, of the fractured piece of bone that was broken loose in my hand under the little finger.  So no surgery!  This new purple cast will be on for 3 weeks then it can come off and physical torture, I mean physical therapy will start.  A friend said be sure to ask for pain meds.  I said “aspirin won’t take care of the pain?”, he said, “nope.”  Ugh.

Miss my knitting.  Might try to spin some time this week to see if I can do it with this cast on.  Would be a relaxing diversion.  My Baynes spinning wheel is in the back ground, getting no love at the moment, but we will see if that can be remedied.

We have been having heavy storms every day now for over a week, and the weather pattern shows the storms taking a brief respite tomorrow and then continuing through Saturday.  We have been in flood warning for a week and have over flowing rivers and two days ago 4 tornadoes touched down in areas close to, but not super close to my town, except one, which touched down in the city adjoining my town.  A sample of the winter weather pattern?  If so we should be prepared for a lot of snow and I hear the old farmer almanac also predicting very cold harsh temps, sigh.  Guess I will be looking to see if the woolly caterpillars are out in force this fall (the older people use that as an indicator of colder temps for the winter here.)

2 thoughts on “New Purple Cast

  1. I’m glad to hear you won’t need surgery! I’ll bet that’s a huge relief:) The new cast is a great color.
    I read about the extra cold weather coming this winter too. I just hope we don’t get snowstorm after snowstorm. I hate shoveling feet of snow every other day:(

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  2. Yay for no surgery! That would’ve been a worse kind of physical torture, I guess? 🙂 Hope you get to spend some wonderful spinning time. Shame about the weather, though – take care and be safe.

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