Oh My Gosh, A Small Miracle!

Ok, I’m a ditz!!  I was coming home from Easter Service today and when I stopped at a red light (about 5 miles from church – having gone up a winding hill at about 35 mph and then down a big hill at 45 mph (if I mind the speed limit, there are no police reading my blog right?)) someone honked from behind.  I didn’t think anything about it, but then this lady runs up to my window grabs something off the roof of my car and hands me my purse – LOL I had left it on the roof of my car because my hands were full of stuff from the Primary class I teach and I forgot to get it off and put it in the car with me.  I can’t believe that it was still on the roof of my car.  I profusely thanked the lady and then said a quick prayer of thanks to my Father in Heaven for that little miracle and for loving me in spite of my ditziness.  I think he has his hands full with me.

Easter Goodies

One of my friends at church today gave me a little treat.  They are so cute, I was trying to get a picture of them before I ate them all.  Only 3 of the 5 made it to get photographed :P.  Wasn’t she clever?  The baskets were made from a sugar cookie recipe (made without the leavening) and put over the outside of a little mini muffin pan (cool idea).  She used icing to make the grass inside (special tip, or some kind of very small long candy things, I have an awesome grasp of language don’t I 😛 *updated – sprinkles is what I was trying to think of, hehe) and secure the jelly beans and chocolate bunnies in with frosting ;).  Ok Susie now you can experiment – I’ll let my talented sister show you how they are done :P.  You can see my sister’s awesome blog about food and crafts at Eat It Anyway.

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  1. These are so cute! I would have come looked sooner but I’ve been sick since Easter sunday with a stomach bug. However, these are cute enough to figure out. Thanks. 🙂


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