Happy Easter – 2012

He is Risen!

I love Easter and spring, and that just as that first Easter gave us renewal spiritually, a chance to repent from those things we do that we shouldn’t, spring imitates that renewal with things that were halted from growth because of the cold and baren winter and are now coming alive with growth and beauty because of the warmth and light.  That is what the Gospel of Jesus Christ does for me.  It helps me renew myself from all the trials and tribulations that I experience because I know that our experiences here on Earth are for us to learn and grow and that our time here will be short as we prepare for eternity with our Father in Heaven.  I also know that as we grow and learn how to be obedient to the Lord’s commandments that we will be able to be with all our family and friends for eternity.  What more could we possible hope for than an eternity with those we love.