Happy News Swallowed with Sad


I watched the Cowboy’s game against the Giants that was played on Sunday, on Monday night  because I recorded it to watch on a different day, and OH MY GOSH they were awesome – it was like a different team.  I was going to gloat about their amazing win, and I was going to, with great excitement, let my family know that my supervisor where I am working let me know that my permanent position would start Dec 1st instead of Jan 1st, I’ve been looking for permanent full time work for 3 years and was excited to have found something I enjoy.  But I got some very sad news today.  Not just one but two sad things.  My daughter let me know that her Grandmother (her father’s mom) had passed away this morning.  She was a wonderful lady in every sense of the word, she was always very kind to me.  She will be greatly missed.  Then my sister called me and let me know that my Uncle had passed away today.   So my happy news was swallowed up with sad.  This has not been a really great year.  All we can do is pick up and go forward, hoping for a better next year.