Last 2 Promised Hats New Stitch Markers and a Birthday Gift

Ok, I lied, I said I was not going to buy any more new stitch markers or progress keepers for a while.  “But mom they followed me home can I keep them?”  Actually I replaced the Dallas Cowboys progress keeper and bought another set of the hearts stitch markers and progress keeper, because I love it so much, and yes I have one already, but I wanted to use it and couldn’t remember where I put the old one, they will both be well loved :).  I got these from AdoreKnit and she threw in a surprise, the fox progress keeper.  I mentioned I was looking for one as “hat jewelry” for a young family member I had just knit a hat for because she wanted a fox on it and I didn’t see one in her on line shop.  I was beyond ecstatic when I saw that in my order when it came in today!!  She really is such a sweet person, you should check out her shop.

The blue hat above is the hat for the younger of my family members, who was very excited to get the Dallas Cowboys color hat and star to adorn his hat.  The other hat showing was to be for his older sister but she really liked another hat I had knit earlier so the other one became hers and this one will go in the charity pile.  She was very excited to get the fox progress keeper to put on it, I will add that to the pictures when I remember to get a picture of it on the hat.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see “hat jewelry” become a thing for school age children. 🙂

Lastly, yeah I had a birthday this past week.  Celebrating the anniversary of my 29th birthday and that is all you are getting out of me :P.  I can’t be older than my dad who is 29 every year, can I?  I belong to a group who does Harry Potter knitting and my name was drawn on her quarterly prize drawing (which just happened to be on my birthday woot woot).  I got gifted a pattern of my choice, and what I chose was the Baa-ble Mittens and Cowl set , I already had the hat pattern, which is a free pattern, but the accessories were not. So for my birthday I was able to complete the set, how cool is that!!!  Hope everyone has a great week coming up.

Warning for Those Who Might Be Easily Offended – My Thoughts on My Blog

I stand for my Flag and the National Anthem

I was raised by an Air Force father who served for 21 years, and served in two wars.  I love my country, it’s flag and the National Anthem.

I’m disappointed, in those in football, who chose to protest the American Flag and our National Anthem on the football field.  The very country who has given them the opportunity to become millionaires.  Take the protest to the political arena where it might actually do some good, you are turning people against what you claim you are supporting, protesting your country doesn’t belong in a game.

Many Americans buy tickets and other football memorabilia to support their teams, however you will probably notice that attendance is down because it is NOT what most of your fans came for.  They came to watch you perform at football not to dis their country.  If they wanted political banter they would go to something political.   They attend to get away from reality for a short while because our country has become so politically correct, tumultuous and divided, it was one thing where the fans of a football team could come together on, their team.   The football arena has chosen to become political which makes them divisive and I have chosen to turn the channel now on something else besides football until they can get back to what they do best, entertaining us without their political agenda.

Seems my team, the Cowboys, can’t decide if they want to support those who are dissing their flag and anthem or stand for the flag and anthem so they did both, a right down the middle stance.  What was it Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid said? Oh yeah, “Walk on road,  Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get squish just like grape.”   Support them off the field guys, off the field your time is your own and can do what you want and I will support your right to do it, however when you are on the field, just play ball, please, we all need some down time to just enjoy the sport.

Has It Really Been Over a Month?

Wow, didn’t realize it has been so long since I’ve posted.  I’ve got my first cold of the season, ugh.  So yeah, I’ve been sick for starting on 3 weeks now.  I hate colds, but they seem to love me, if I was magic I would zing them out of existence! 😛  I haven’t even felt like knitting so no progress there.  I think I will work on some spinning today to see if I can finish one spool of singles and start on the other spool so I can ply and have something to knit with.  I’ll post a picture when I get it plied :).  Money has been very tight and I didn’t get to send my fleece off to have it processed into yarn to knit for Christmas this year.  Dang car, but I figure when I get everything fixed, it will be like a new car :P.  It’s not like I don’t have any fiber to spin, and I do enjoy spinning, sometimes I’m just in a hurry to knit. 🙂

The Cowboys did fairly well with their preseason games, their first real game is tonight with the Giants.  Hope they do well :), Go Cowboys.

I am keeping my eye on a program that is going to start in Oct.  It’s called Extinct, I’ve added a link, it looks really good!!!  It will either be on the BYU channel with your cable provider or at their website.  There are also a couple of other syfy programs coming up this fall, one is a comedy kinda like Star Trek, the other I believe is a new Star Trek program.  Not sure what channels they will be carried on but I want to check them out when they start :).

Are You Ready for Some Football? 2017-2018 WOOT WOOT

Cowboys 1

Oh my gosh Football season is here already!!!  My Cowboys play tomorrow night (Thursday) for the first preseason game.  I’m so excited!!  My mom loved to watch sports (all kinds) so I get my love of Football from her.  I’m not a big basketball person, tho’ she loved it.  But I can watch golf, bowling, hockey, baseball.  But my favorite is Football and my team is definitely the Dallas Cowboys :).  I’m excited to see how they do this year, hopefully they will just pick up from where they left off and run with it :).  Let the Games Begin!!  (hmm wrote and posted this on Wed Aug 2, but it shows Aug 3rd, not sure why)

1/2 Done on 2nd Pair of Socks

Bad Day Socks 1/2 done

Altho’ because of time constraints, it’s taking me a little more time to work on these than it should, I have finished the 1st sock of the pair.  I am getting ready to cast on the 2nd sock today. 🙂  I love the color of these they are fun to knit because of the random pops of color.  Even tho I went down a needle size and they are closer to the size I needed, I will either have to go down one more needle size or cast on 4 less stitches next time for a better fit.  It’s all about learning with new projects.  The recipient is very excited and tried on the sock and was so pleased, she can hardly wait for me to finish them :).

I’m also working on 2 lap blankets for two different people for Christmas, I have one close to finished and then I will begin the 2nd.  I have another project I will begin after the socks are done that will also be for Christmas that will be knit while I knit the lap blanket, that particular project I’ll talk about later on after I finish this pair of socks, I’m very excited to begin working on it.  I like having multiple projects that I can work on at the same time, different places I am during the day require different amounts of concentration, giving me the opportunity to have something to do no matter where I am, challenge or no :).

I do have one more project I will need to start sometime sooner than later, the hat for my daughter that I spun the alpaca for.  She needs to sit down with me and pick out a pattern she would like that will work with the yarn I spun up for her. :).  I do have some singles on my wheel that I have not worked on and I really need to finish and ply.  So many things to do and not nearly enough time :P.

Oh and how can we forget about those Dallas Cowboys!!!  They are doing really well so far this year, 5 wins and 1 loss and number 1 at the moment in the East :). WOOT WOOT!!

Ninja Turtles Bag :)

Ninja Turtles Bag

Ninja Turtles Bag

Yes, I like the Ninja Turtles.  I bought this fabric to make a smaller bag for a little one who is a family member.  Since I had purchased 1/2 yard of fabric and liner, I had enough to make a larger bag for me, it will be a fun bag :).

Will be looking today for some liner fabric for the Star Wars fabric I bought.  I will also look for some Cowboys fabric and liner, will love using that bag if I can find the fabric, go Dallas Cowboys :).

New Minions Bag :)

Minions Bag 2

Minions Bag 2


I have another bag made.  Different Minons fabric.  They are so cute (the Minions and the bags :P)  I bought some Star Wars fabric and as soon as I choose a lining color I will make one of those up.

I need to find a Dallas Cowboys fabric and make a bag for me :), even if they don’t do well because their injury list this year I will still root for them.  They did well the first part of the game on Sunday against the Falcons but the second half they blew it all up, hopefully they will get it together soon :P.

Stress Zebra Bag :)

Stress Zebra Knot Bag

Stress Zebra Knot Bag click on picture to enlarge

I had some nice heavy plain fabric and I thought it would look nice to do some embroidery on some knot bags.

Stress Zebra Knot Bag b

Stress Zebra Knot Bag b

I have some nice knitting and spinning designs among others to choose from and it will be fun choosing them to put on the bags.

I have cut out another Minions bag (new fabric) and some Ninja Turtle fabric for a little one (family) who wanted one, but I’ve been been under the weather the last few days and haven’t felt like sewing.  I”ll put pictures up when they are done, maybe Monday :).

I have been knitting on some wash cloths as well, will try to get a picture up on Monday of those as well.

The Cowboys play the Eagles tomorrow (their big rivalry).  I hope they do well, I know the Eagles fans are hoping it’s the other way around :P.

Small Pumpkin Bag Made!

Pumpkin Bags, medium and small

Pumpkin Bags, medium and small (click on image to enlarge)

Ok, I know I wasn’t going to sew any more until I got some of my knitting done, but…. I just couldn’t resist seeing how the small bag looked :P.  You can see them side by side.  The medium bag is 11 inches wide at the widest part and 8 3/4 inches long from the top of the neck area to the bottom (no handle length included).  The small bag is 8 1/4 inches wide at widest part and 6 1/2 inches long from the neck area to the bottom (no handle length included), I made it at 150% of the pattern size.  The small one would be good for your knitting accessories and maybe some small projects.  The Medium one is good for socks and maybe the start of a shawl, I made it 200% of the pattern size.  I will make a larger one to see if that will serve me better for sweaters and larger shawls, I haven’t decided if I want to go 275% or 300%, I don’t want it huge.  Back to knitting :P.

And it looks like the Cowboys won their first game last night against the NY Giants, with a big push down field the last min or so. 🙂  Gotta love replays :).

Are You Ready for Some Football? 2015 and Some Knitting :)

Are you ready for some football?

Are you ready for some football?

Yep it’s FOOTBALL season again!!!  I am excited to see how “The Boys” will do this year.  They were pretty decent last year, a controversial call did them in at the end of the year.  They have lost their first pre-season game, but it’s just that pre-season :).  GO COWBOYS!!!

sock yarn from SpinningStreak

sock yarn from SpinningStreak

This is some beautiful sock yarn from SpinningStreak ‘s Etsy shop (she’s in England).  She has some gorgeous yarns.  I saw this yarn and tho the shipping from overseas is not cheap, this yarn was talking to me.  I have a friend who recently lost her sister and I wanted to so something special for her and  I knew this yarn was it.  The comfort shawl I have decided to make is called Ethereal Shawl .  It’s very basic and simple but because it’s a light weight yarn on large needles it will look light and airy, and should knit up quickly.  I’ll post a picture when I am done.  She also sent it in a really lovely organza drawstring bag.



July and August knitting

July and August knitting

I have been watching some family little ones this summer and have been very busy and haven’t had a lot of time to knit, but here are some things I did work on this summer.  A comfort shawl for a friend who had to have a defibrillator put in in case she has a heart attack, she’s really young for this kinda of thing  :(.  I don’t add the fringe when I make them, but that is just my preference.  I like having something easy to work on, keeps my hands busy and keeps me grounded when I feel overwhelmed or stressed out and the dishcloths are perfect for that.  The one on the left  is called In-Thirds-knit-cloth by Michelle Crimm .  It’s a free pattern from Ravelry, easy and very pretty.  I love using the Sugar’n Cream cotton Stripes for this cloth, sooooo pretty.  I made another one that I already gave to a friend and so I put the left over skein so you could see the lovely colors she got :).  The dish (or face) cloth on the left is the old standby Grandmother’s Favorite dishcloth .


I packaged up and sent off the Polypay fleece my friend gave me earlier this year.  Because I still have roving from the last fleece she gave me and I wanted to get a couple of hats for her husband and son out relatively quickly before it gets cold , I opted this year to have them process it into sport weight yarn.  Cost me almost double but when I get it back  in 5 to 6 weeks it will be ready to dye and knit :).  It should be about 3 lbs of yarn.  I always err on the side of caution when I skirt the fleeces and skirt it more severely because the sheep are not covered and I left too much ugly stuff in the first time and the roving was still full of stuff and noils because I also did not remove the short lengths from the longer back fiber.  I don’t want to ruin nice roving because I didn’t skirt it enough.  Her husband and son each will have a hat made from the fiber of their own sheep.   Should help to keep them warm on their farm ;).