Christmas Cactus – First Bloom for 2010

1st Bloom for 2010

1st Bloom almost fully open


They bloom fast once they get going.  I missed getting the picture of the bloom opening.  They are very unusual but pretty.  I love the hint of a very soft pink they have on them.

I’ll get another picture when I have several of the blooms open.


click on picture for larger image


Another update on this comfort shawl, which really should have been finished by now.  It doesn’t look like it, but it is half way finished.  By the time it’s blocked it will be much longer and wider than it looks.  I love knitting with Alpaca, it’s soft and squishy and it should be a wonderfully soft and very warm shawl.

I have several shawls in the wings after this one, so I best get my bottom in gear!!!


My supervisor at the temp job I am working let me know this week that they will be hiring me permanent full time in Jan.  I am very happy to know I will finally, after 3 years of working part time or temporary jobs, have a permanent and full time job and it will be nice to be paid for the holidays they take and will make my financial situation a little less precarious.  I know we are given trials to learn from, and it has been a learning experience.   I hope I learned everything I needed to learn because I certainly hope I don’t have to re-learn anything in that experience again.

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