The Illusive Flu Shot




I took off of work early today to go to a flu shot clinic at my local grocery store.  You know the regular flu shot, not the H1N1 (swine flu).  Everyone else has had their flu shot clinics earlier in the fall and for some reason they either didn’t make enough vaccine or people are paranoid and flocking to get them, so I thought, I’m lucky to find one that is getting in some more vaccine.  WRONG.  I went at 3pm because the clinic was suppose to be from 3 pm to 6 pm and they had said to get there early because they might run out.  I went in and waited in line and when my turn came to be waited on, I was told that they didn’t get their vaccine in and that they had posted a sign in the store last week end.  Last week end I shopped at their store in another area, so I didn’t see the sign.  I lost 1 1/2 hrs of work and no flu shot,  sigh.  I’d go to a Dr to get it, but Im just working a temp job and I don’t have insurance so I don’t have a Dr and the free clinic doesn’t offer them.  I hope I don’t get the flu this winter, sigh.  I’ll be glad when I find a permanent job and can have regular benefits again.

Back to spinning the Llama.

One thought on “The Illusive Flu Shot

  1. Good luck on getting a flu shot. I got mine, only because I was working in the pharmacy when they first started giving them and that’s when I got mine.


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