Nauvoo TempleI went with some friends yesterday to the Nauvoo Temple, in Nauvoo, IL.  It is as amazingly beautiful on the inside as it is on the outside.  It has a spectacular spiral staircase in one of the corners that seems to go on forever, the other 3 corners have a square type staircase that is also beautiful.  Spirial staircases are not allowed anymore for safety reasons, but they were able to get special permission to keep the one.  The peace inside was also amazing.  I’m so glad I was able to go.

The picture is from the Temple website, I’m sorry that I forgot to take my camera to get a my own picture of the outside of the Temple and the Temple grounds which were very beautiful as well.

I saw alot of sheep on the way to and from the Temple :), all I could think about when I saw them was spinning some of their fleece ;P.  On the way home we stoped in Kalona, IA at the Stringtown Country Store, which is run by the Amish.  They sell bulk spices and other things.  It was interesting and fun and I brought some often used spices home with me.  I was also able to find the freeze dried yeast that I like to bake with so much.  All in all it was a very good day.  I also found an email waiting for me when I got home, from the classmates site that I had just rejoined, from a long lost friend that I had been praying to find, I was so happy to hear from her.

I may not have much in the eyes of some of the world, no fancy home or car, no expensive clothes, jewlery or things, but I feel very blessed and very happy with what I have, because I see others with less.  I have a job, for the time being, that supports me, a safe place to lay my head at night, food on my table and an older vehicle, that tho it needs a lot of work, is blessed to run and gets me safely to church, work, home and errands,  I also have things to do and things to give to others, what more could I want?

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  1. So well put! Glad you were able to get to Nauvoo. When I see sheep out in the field, that’s all I think of also-wonder what they would be like to spin?


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