Fall is Here + Geneology is Fun!

It's offically fall

It's offically fall



I was wondering if the leaves were going to turn this fall.  Things were green until about 1 to 2 weeks ago, and leaves were starting to fall off the trees without turning colors.  I took this last night at my church and the beautiful fall colors are finally here.


I went to a Family History (geneology) Symposium this morning.  Geneology is really fun to do and it’s so cool getting to know more about those in your family who came before you.  My mom was very into doing geneology before she passed away, and my dad gave me copies of all her work plus he even made an album for me and my brothers and sister of him and my mom from all the pictures he had showing my moms life and relatives and his life and relatives, it’s very cool.  My mom had found that my 5th great grandfather died in the Alamo.  If anyone is interested in doing their own geneology you can go to familysearch to get started and there you can also down load a free geneology softwear called PAF (Personal Ancestoral File).  If anyone has any questions about getting started if you will email me I would be happy to direct you to other websites.  I may try, as time allows, to set up a page on my website with geneology information.

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  1. I love the colors of autumn. I keep meaning to take some pictures of all the colors, but I never get it done. Maybe today if they didn’t all fall in the rain yesterday.

    I haven’t done much geneology, but I need to do it more. It’s just finding the time………. You know how it goes.


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