2nd Fiber Festival

The pictures are so much better on my new phone!! I forgot to take pictures at the fiber festival again, :/ sorry. I also forgot to get pictures of several skeins of yarn I bought for my son to make socks on his sock knitting machine for his spouse Ev, who picked out the skeins of yarn for his socks :), and I bought some roving for my son to spin on his new E6 electric spinning wheel, was too exciting to remember some things, like taking pictures :p. I bought 2 needle felted zipper decorated pieces of art, but yeah, I forgot to get a picture of one of them before I gifted it, it was a beautiful nativity for a friend who collects nativity deco for her Christmas tree. The first picture is one of the needle felted zipper decorated pins I bought for myself, because I love sheep, I didn’t see an alpaca, but I love all things I can spin :).

The 2nd picture is a beautiful tweed braid of roving that I bought to spin, I love the muted colors!!! This will be fun to spin and knit up!

The 3rd picture is from a class my son signed me up at for the fiber festival, a needle felting class for felted pictures. It was so awesome, but I am going to need to practice a whole lot more, but it was fun!

I love Spring but I always forget at the front part it’s back and forth between cooler weather and warmer weather and all the storms and rain. But that is ok, it’s not below 0 and it’s not snow anymore!! I hope everyone is enjoying their weather where ever you are. 🙂

7 thoughts on “2nd Fiber Festival

  1. I totally get why you forgot to take pictures. 🙂 Have fun with the class! (Is it still going on, or was it a one-time event at the festival?) I’ll look forward to seeing the needle-felted items you make.

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    • It was just the one class the day of the festival. I just gotta find time to to it lol, knitting a baby sweater (will update my blog in the next few days, and have one more to do, finishing decluttering my craft room for an upcoming apt inspection (they probably don’t appreciate disorderliness in crafty people :P), and re-structuring where I put everything in my kitchen so I can reclaim some counter space for baking, it’s a very small kitchen! Sigh, Spring Fever maybe?

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