HAPPY NEW YEAR 2016 and New Year Knitting


I wish everyone a very Happy New Year filled with spiritual peace.  May we look forward and not backward.

One more hat start

Yes, I’m knitting one more hat, was trying to get done before the New Year but alas it won’t be done until New Year’s day.   This is some of the polypay yarn I had processed from the fleece that was given to me.  I dyed it blue but some of the yarn didn’t take up the dye as well as other parts in the skein and there were some very light spots from where the skein was tied (even tho’ I loosened the ties quite a bit), but you know what, it makes it look like faded denim so I am not going to complain, I know the recipient will enjoy it :P.

I made a knSocks by Ann Budditting New Years resolution, I made other resolutions too, but if I share them and I don’t complete them I’d have to hunt you down and wipe your memory (like they do on Star Trek)  so you are better off not knowing what they are :P.  My knitting resolution is to knit some socks.  Something I’ve wanted to do for a while now.  I’ve gotten a step closer when I bought  this book by Ann Budd, who is well known in the knitting community for sock construction, today at the 1/2 Price Book Store (I love that store!!).  The other book I have ordered from Amazon is Knitting Rules! by Stephanie Pearl-McPhee aka in the knitting world as  “the Yarn Harlot”.  It has a sock pattern called sock recipe: a good plain sock.  I have heard many people say this is their go to sock pattern.  Then when I get the sock pattern I want I will get the needle size it calls for (because the needles I will get are Addi Turbo 12″ circular needles and are expensive so I need the pattern first to see if I need size 0’s, or 1’s, I’m not a big fan of double pointed needles) and begin my sock journey.  🙂