Hat Finished :)

Another Hat

These hats are quick, relaxing to make and they look nice.  I wish I could find the website I got this pattern from so I could share it with you.  I usually am pretty good about noting the website for the patterns, but I’ll be more diligent in the future about notating on my pattern where it was from if it isn’t showing when I copy free patterns from the net.  Because of copyright issues I can’t post patterns without permission from the designer, so I usually just put a link to the website.

I like this style especially in the cold climates because the long nature of the hat allows you to fold up the bottom into a cuff and that doubles the knitted fabric over the forehead, ears and back of the neck, and keeps those areas much warmer, and wool is warm anyway so it’s a win/win :).

Hope your New Year is off to a wonderful start :).