Stress Zebra Bag :)

Stress Zebra Knot Bag

Stress Zebra Knot Bag click on picture to enlarge

I had some nice heavy plain fabric and I thought it would look nice to do some embroidery on some knot bags.

Stress Zebra Knot Bag b

Stress Zebra Knot Bag b

I have some nice knitting and spinning designs among others to choose from and it will be fun choosing them to put on the bags.

I have cut out another Minions bag (new fabric) and some Ninja Turtle fabric for a little one (family) who wanted one, but I’ve been been under the weather the last few days and haven’t felt like sewing.  I”ll put pictures up when they are done, maybe Monday :).

I have been knitting on some wash cloths as well, will try to get a picture up on Monday of those as well.

The Cowboys play the Eagles tomorrow (their big rivalry).  I hope they do well, I know the Eagles fans are hoping it’s the other way around :P.