Raggedy Ann


My sister called today and among our regular chit chat we started talking about the Raggedy Ann dolls my mom and grandmother made for us.  Ah the memories, I told her the one I have was one that our grandmother had made for me one year when she asked me what I would like for Christmas and I told her that I would like her to make me a Raggedy Ann doll.  She had made me one when I was much younger and of course it went the way of all things that little kids have, sigh.  I am so glad she agreed to make me another one.  She passed away in 1988 and it is so nice to have something that she made me.  I don’t have one that my mom made, but my sister has one that mom made her.  The difference is the one my mom made had embroidered a little heart on it with the words I love you in the heart.  My grandmother sewed well but I don’t think it was her favorite thing to do.  My mom sewed but it wasn’t her favorite thing to do when she was young because she was very into sports and band in high school so she learned her sewing skills after getting married, when it was more fun :P.

I’m working on a sympathy shawl until I get the yarn I need for the Little Lace Daisy Scarf I’ll be making for my friend’s wife.  The scarf won’t take very long then I will get back to the sympathy shawl.