1st Skein of the Teal Superwash Merino is DONE!

1st Skein of Teal Superwash Merino

Ok, I finally have this skein done, between the “busyness” at work when I started it and re-organizing my time after early retirement, I have finally finished it.  I’m working with a new (old) program for fixing the pictures my digital camera takes and I’m not real sure about how to use it yet, but I’m sure as I mess around with it I will understand it better.  It’s very different than the one I was using and it has a little bit better control over what I want to do.  I’m sure my friend will be happy to get this so she can start on the shawl for the fair and I hope I haven’t stressed her out with how late I am getting this to her.  The next skein is already started  and I’m hopeful that I will have it done by this week end.  I will wind this into a center pull ball for her and get it in the mail to her tomorrow.

It’s General Conference weekend and I have thoroughly enjoyed conference so far.  One more session this afternoon.  We have General Conference 2 times a year and it is on both Saturday and Sunday, the beginning of April and the beginning of Oct and I look forward to them each time.  What a spiritual uplift they give. 🙂  Next Sunday I will be singing with the choir for Easter Sunday, and it’s a beautiful song.  The name of the song is Did You See Him in the Garden and you can hear it here by someone else on youtube.

I hope you all have a wonderful week, how could you not it’s SPRING!!!!

One thought on “1st Skein of the Teal Superwash Merino is DONE!

  1. Which was your favorite talk? Mine today was Brother N Anderson. Yesterday it was Brother J Holland.

    I got some spinning done during this mornings session and some sock knitting (starting Christmas NOW) during the afternoon session.

    The teal turned out beautifully.


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