The Bus Ride

Well while my foot is healing I had been getting rides from a co-worker, but she isn’t able to take me anymore so for the past few weeks I’ve been riding the bus.  I have to get up earlier and it gets me to work about 30 min early, which is fine – I’d rather be early than late.  Usually it is pretty boring, except for some unusual people who ride occasionally.  However yesterday on the way home we were about a block from my work and had to stop for a train.  There was a tractor trailer (aka Big Rig), from the local community college for training new tractor trailer drivers, coming the other way also stopped.  All of a sudden it started rolling onto the track with the train coming.  All of us in the bus were “Oh my gosh!!”  Pretty quick the student driver jumped out of the truck and the instructor got the truck restarted and was pulling it off the tracks while the train was stopping and the student driver ran in front of the truck just before the truck got off the track.  He made it to the sidewalk but I thought “DANG!!”  I’m sure he failed that test!!!  He’s lucky to be alive.  Everyone on the bus was talking about that for the next 30 min (takes me about 40 mins to get to work and to get home in the evenings, but only 15 mins in my car)  Then just before we got to my stop a pick up truck ran a stop sign and almost hit the bus as we were turning.  I told the bus driver as I got off that it had been a really interesting ride that day.

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