2nd Comfort Shawl Start

Start of 2nd comfort Shawl


Ok, I promised a picture of the start of the comfort shawl I have designed (well I didn’t create the lace pattern – it appears to be a shetland lace pattern, someone correct me if I’m wrong – but I did design where that pattern went on a rectangular shaw.)  I am stagering the pattern every other row rather than have them right under each other every row.  I’ll post another picture when I get more done, it was hard to block enough of it to see the design properly with so little of it done yet.  This is alpaca yarn, and unfortunately has been disconntinued but it is very soft and I love it.  A comfort shawl should be comfy and soft and so I wanted to use alpaca for it, I should have just enough to do this shawl.  🙂

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