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This is a frame that I enjoy cutting the pictures out to fit on the mat.  It looks pretty cool and I’ve made a few of them as gifts.  I really need to make me one ;P.  I hope this is large enough to show off the wonderful pictures.



I got the call I was waiting for today, I start work on Monday. 🙂  I really don’t feel stressed out about this job, not that I think it will be a piece of cake, but I feel at peace with it.

My grand daughter has been asking me all week, when I go to pick her up from school, if I am knitting on her afghan, as she picks it up and cuddles that luciously soft yarn :P.  I guess I should be working on it. 😛  With the unpacking and trying to get a job I just haven’t felt like working on a project that required concentration.  I’ve knit two of the soap holders, one as a birthday gift to my previous supervisor and one for my grand daughter (who loved the special custom made Sandalwood/Rose soap and the holder.)  I should be getting that last skein of yarn I purchased last week soon.  I think I will still be about 3 skeins short, but I will keep trying to track them down.


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  1. Hey Mom, I finished the baby afghan, but now I think I’m going to knit another one because she just found out it is a baby girl and she loves pink so now I think I’ll have to knit her one in pink. You better start knitting on Jade’s afghan or I’ll have finished two before you’re one. 🙂


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