Happy TEA Party Day




My son has his web hosting site up and running and I’m switching over so this is my first post on his hosting site.  He’s decided to go with Word Press for the blogging part.  It’s a lot different than what I was use to at Yahoo, but I’m learning it.  If you are interested in changing hosting servers, you can contact my son, I have a link to his website in my blog roll.  I like the fact that if I have any problems, I don’t have to be connected to an out of the country service rep (that has a hard time with American slang or phrasing), I can just go over to his house and yell at him :P.  JUST KIDDING SON!!!

My unpacking is coming along and I’m just waiting for the back ground check to come in, should be today or tomorrow, so that I can start working at the bank.  Hopefully this position will turn out to be a temp to hire job and not just a long term temp job, because it pays well and I enjoyed working with the mortgage title company, this will be a bit different but I’m excited about it anyway :).

Oh yeah, happy TEA Party Day!!!  TEA = Taxed Enough Already!

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