Warning for Those Who Might Be Easily Offended – My Thoughts on My Blog

I stand for my Flag and the National Anthem

I was raised by an Air Force father who served for 21 years, and served in two wars.  I love my country, it’s flag and the National Anthem.

I’m disappointed, in those in football, who chose to protest the American Flag and our National Anthem on the football field.  The very country who has given them the opportunity to become millionaires.  Take the protest to the political arena where it might actually do some good, you are turning people against what you claim you are supporting, protesting your country doesn’t belong in a game.

Many Americans buy tickets and other football memorabilia to support their teams, however you will probably notice that attendance is down because it is NOT what most of your fans came for.  They came to watch you perform at football not to dis their country.  If they wanted political banter they would go to something political.   They attend to get away from reality for a short while because our country has become so politically correct, tumultuous and divided, it was one thing where the fans of a football team could come together on, their team.   The football arena has chosen to become political which makes them divisive and I have chosen to turn the channel now on something else besides football until they can get back to what they do best, entertaining us without their political agenda.

Seems my team, the Cowboys, can’t decide if they want to support those who are dissing their flag and anthem or stand for the flag and anthem so they did both, a right down the middle stance.  What was it Mr Miyagi in Karate Kid said? Oh yeah, “Walk on road,  Walk left side, safe. Walk right side, safe. Walk middle, sooner or later, get squish just like grape.”   Support them off the field guys, off the field your time is your own and can do what you want and I will support your right to do it, however when you are on the field, just play ball, please, we all need some down time to just enjoy the sport.