Skirting Some Fleeces

Well the first picture isn’t a fleece :P. Try as I might each year to remember to get a photo of a Magnolia tree flowering, when I drive by there are cars behind me so I can’t stop to get a picture. I love Magnolias because they are generally the first to bloom before the rest of the trees are even budding their leaves, so they mean spring to me. However this year other trees bloomed or spouted leaves first, then yep we had two nights of freezing temps in a row. Guess the Magnolias aren’t fooled. šŸ™‚

The second picture is a grey (kind of looks like a light black but I’m sure when it’s washed it will be a medium grey) Polypay fleece. I also have a white one to skirt also, which is picking out shorter pieces from the longer pieces (basically I’m separating the saddle fiber from the neck, belly and legs and second cuts fiber) and picking out as much of the vm (vegetable matter) as I can, you can see a big piece of straw, and there are also lots more vm scattered in it, and lets not forget any sheep poop by the back end. I started skirting this a week ago but the weather wasn’t really warm enough and this table wasn’t quite doing the job because it has a bench that I had to bend over to reach the fleece and the wind was blowing more than I hoped, so that wasn’t doing it for me. So with less than a 1/3 done, I put it back in the bag and took it back in the house and will bring them both out when it warms up a bit and no wind (I don’t feel like chasing pieces of fleece all over, lol) so I can lay them out proper and skirt them. I don’t have to have them skirted and ready to ship until August, I just don’t want to do it in the heat of the summer. I’ve had these 3 years maybe 4 so the lanolin is pretty set into the fleeces, good luck to the mill that gets these beauties :P.

Hope everyone is having a good start to your spring and that you avoid the storms I am seeing coming on the weather reports.

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    • You are right, not a fun chore then most chores aren’t :P. But if I want to spin it gotta do it :P. It’s not even that much cheaper because the mill charges for each wash and generally it’s at least two and then picking to hopefully get out more the vm that was small and then turn it into roving to spin or yarn to knit with. Cheaper for sure to get roving and spin myself, but sometimes it’s nice to have the yarn :).

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    • On the Magnolia, a lot of our trees were broken or torn out of the ground or dies because of the high winds we had 3 years ago with the 120 mph in line winds (inland hurricane). So a lot of the trees don’t look as nice as they would have. sigh

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  1. I love the blooms! And what a clever tree to not be fooled by the weather. šŸ˜‰

    Looks like the skirting is quite some work, followed by even more work. I guess that’s life, and I guess you’ll just deal with it one step at a time. Hope a skirting-friendly day dawns soon!

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