Handspun Yarn and a Baby Sweater

My son is using his EEW 6.0 electric spinner. He is having a blast with it and it’s better with each skein spun, these were before washing. He is enjoying it and Ev said it was even peaceful to just watch him spin. :). I’m so glad he enjoys the things that bring peace in my life.

The 2nd picture is another flax baby sweater I’m working on for a long time friend whose daughter is expecting a son :). I have a city apt inspection coming up next week and they always stress me out, they shouldn’t but they always do. I’ve got other things I need to be knitting on, but I needed something I didn’t have to think about to much to keep me occupied until after next week and this did it. The yoke is the only thing I need to pay attention to and even that is not to bad, the rest is just mindless knitting on circular knitting needles :).

It’s been a bit windy for the last few days, but it’s Spring! I have finally seen the male robins as they’ve arrived back in the area, but unfortunately it’s when I’m driving and I can’t stop to get a picture, sigh. If I see one when I can get a picture I will post it. :). The females should be arriving in about 2 weeks.

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    • I got him the bigger one because you could get 4 ozs on the bobbins, so you could put 2 ozs each on each of two bobbins and ply a 4 oz skein. He was thinking about buying a nice one for much more money, but I told him to try a less expensive one first incase he decided it wasn’t for him (so I surprised him with it) and that if he decided he didn’t like it it wasn’t such a great loss and that he could always get the much more expensive one later after he knows more about them if he wanted. I wasn’t sure about the motor on the nano because I’ve never spun on an electric wheel, so I figured a bigger motor would be better, tho I’ve seen the nanos seem to spin fine. The EE6 spins well too, he’s a brand new spinner and figuring out how to get it to take up on the bobbin at first was a learning experience for him, but he’s having fun and learning and I think this will also help him as alpaca farm owner to know what spinners are looking for ;). So far he’s only spun wool, I told him to get a little experience under his belt before spinning a slippery fiber like alpaca :P.

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  1. Wow, those are lovely skeins! The baby sweater is coming along adoringly well. Good luck for the inspection–I hope it goes well and you chuckle about your stress afterward. 🙂 And Happy Spring!

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