Wedding Shawl Finished and Another Baby Flax Sweater Done

My family member’s wedding was this last Saturday. She posed for a picture of her in the shawl after the wedding :). She had some pictures taken by a professional photographer and when she gets those back, and she chose one with the shawl in it, I will post another picture. This is my Rectangular Daisy Shawl , it is one of my free pattern designs :). This took me about 45 hrs to knit but I did it over 2 months. and got it finished the Sunday before the Wedding the following Saturday, which allowed me to block it, deadline knitting is a bit stressful 😛

The second picture is the finished Blue Flax Baby Sweater. It’s a free design by Tin Can Knits and is pretty easy to knit.

I have started on the hats for the Shelter again. They are a mindless relaxing knit :).

Another Flax Sweater Started

Flax baby sweater 2a

The color in this picture is not showing as colorful as it is, it’s a white with lots of colors (lavender, green, pink and purple running through it, sigh, I’m not a good photographer).  I used the same yarn and needle sizes that I used on the other Flax sweater .  You can see the color a little better on the hat .  I love the construction on this sweater and it’s a free pattern.  Knitting these small sweaters is pretty fast and addictive.  But you can knit larger ones, the sizing goes up to 4XL.

Trying to shake another cold, so sick (pun intended :P) and tired of catching stuff, ugh.  No choir Christmas singing for me this year because it has wrecked my voice for the next month or so, makes me so sad :(.

Happy Birthday Dad and FO Flax Sweater

My Dad

Happy Belated Birthday Dad.  I didn’t forget (hope you got your birthday card in time), I just haven’t been on line much this past week.  Hoping you had a very happy birthday!!!


Flax Sweater size 6 month to 1 year

Well, it is finished, you can read more about the yarn and needles in the previous post.  I will have to figure out what to do to keep the stitches that I am holding for the sleeves (the sweater is knit in one piece, love that!) to keep them from getting too tight while they sit there waiting their turn to be knit.  If anyone has more experience in how to keep hold stitches from getting too tight please let me know.  You can see the little line where I took them off the yarn that was holding them for later use.  I know my friend’s daughter won’t mind, she will just be tickled to get a hand knit sweater for her baby.  I was knitting the newborn to 6 month size but it turned out larger than I thought it would, 6 month to 1 year.  But babies grow fast and better to turn up the sleeve cuff and the baby be able to wear it all winter than not.  I think I will knit another one to match the hat I made for my friends little one. 🙂  FO for my non knitting friends is a knitting term that means finished object :).

Started another charity hat (my mindless knitting that also helps others).  I’ll post a picture of it, or my progress of it, in a few days.  I also need to get to work on the spinning I’m working on, which was going to be toward the wedding shawl I am going to knit for a family member.  I made this same family member a hat a couple of years ago and she lost the hat sometime this past summer (long story, wasn’t her fault honest), and she has requested, with a ton of apologies, another hat just like it, so the spin will now be for that.   So hat first then shawl.  There is always a never ending list of things to knit, and as long as they space themselves out it’s all good  :).

Baby Sweater – It’s Done


click on picture for larger image

click on picture for larger image




It is mostly done, I still have to sew snaps on the neck and tuck in the ends on the hat.  But it is was fun to make.  It is knit in the round until you get to the split for the sleeves.  I only had time to knit on it at lunch at work so it took me much longer to finish than it should have.  I hope my friend will like it. 🙂   

 **New picture**

Baby Sweater

click on picture for larger image

click on picture for larger image



This is a baby sweater I am working on for the new grandson of a friend in TN. 🙂   I’m using Caron Simply Soft, which is pretty soft and an acrylic so no special care will be needed.  I purchased this pattern on Patternworks .  It’s such a cute set.  I am only knitting the sweater and hat.  Ammon is about 3 months old but I’m making it to fit 6 to 9 months so he can wear it all winter.  It’s an easy pattern (most baby sweaters are), and because they are for babies, they don’t take a long time to make.  This one I’ve only had time to knit on during my lunch hr but I should have it finished by next week end.  I always think I am going to have time to knit on things during the week-end, but I never find the time,  I’m not sure why I always think I’ll find the time to knit on the week-end, sigh, an eternal optimist I guess :P.

I’m about 1/2 way through with my 2nd spool of the baby Alpaca roving.  Sometime this week I should be able to ply it and have a finished skein.  The singles feel so soft on the spool, I can hardly wait to get it plyed.