FO and a Little Gift from a Friend :)

I finished the Flax baby sweater for a church friend. Her baby was about 2 weeks early and weighed a little over 6 lbs. The sweaters I knit in the 6 month to 1 years size, so about Feb he should be able to wear it if they roll the sleeves up a bit and it will fit him next fall into next winter. 🙂 I like to make them a little large so they can wear them longer than a couple of months because sweaters are a little more time consuming than a hat or booties.

The next picture is a gift I received from a friend, whom I help with her mail packages when they go on vacation in the summer. I love this, it is my favorite mug!!! Yes, it has hot chocolate with marshmallows in it, what else?

I’m dealing with getting well from a rather ugly cold, at least it’s a head cold and not a chest cold (which drags on for 6 to 8 weeks of coughing). People tell me everyone is getting this so I’ll be thankful it was enough time before Christmas that I can enjoy Christmas instead of staying home and being sick.

Looks like we might be minus temps at night next week with wind chills and a little snow but not much they said. Should just be glad we didn’t get all the lake effect feet of snow they got by the lakes a little farther east a week or two ago! Hope you all are staying well and warm!

7 thoughts on “FO and a Little Gift from a Friend :)

  1. My daughter-in-law gave me that same mug a few years ago. I love using it. Your baby Flaxs looks great. We are flying back north for Christmas so looks like are going to have to deal with a deep freeze Christmas. Last year it was nice and reasonably warm. Definitely not this year!!

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    • so good to hear from you :). The mug says on the bottom boxergifts dot com. The flax sweater is, after you get past the increases in the yoke, a mindless knit. It’s why I choose to do it for baby gifts :). It’s a free pattern on ravelry by Tin Can Knits, and comes in sizes from infant to 4 or 5XL, but I like the baby sweaters because they don’t very long :P.


  2. Hope you’re feeling better now. The sweater is incredibly adorable, and you’ve been pretty smart about making it larger. I love both the mug and its quote! 🙂 Happy holidays!

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