May the 4th Be with You

I didn’t get my Easter msg up or my General Conference msg up this year, both which are important to me and I almost didn’t get my May the 4th Be with You msg up, which is not as important but fun. Winter has been a little harder this year, maybe be cause it lacked a lot of sun (I need the sunshine) and this spring has been hard because it has been very overcast and rainy and more cooler off and on, and I was so ready for the warm sunny spring weather. Sigh, then I remembered April showers bring May flowers, and though oh my gosh go away LOL. Still a lot of over cast days (wow I could never live in Washington or Oregon by the coast), but it is warming up, this week is 50’s and 60’s and next week is into the 80’s sheesh.

I am trying to work on the hat for my friend, I had to try to figure out where she had left off (and I hadn’t been in the right head space to really concentrate to do that during the winter) and realized the stitch count wasn’t right and saw a couple of dropped stitches, so I had to tink back (for my non knitting friends tink is undoing the knitting one stitch at a time, oh so time consuming, tink is knit backwards – word and do wise, lol) 4 rows in the round and now I need to count the stitch count to make sure I tinked back enough to continue on. And oh yeah, with the lower light levels with all the over cast days and lower light level in my apt during the night I was having a hard time seeing the stitches because it’s knit in fingering in a dark brown yarn LOL. Anyway I can get out on my balcony now and have better lighting :).

Yeah this is more like a little rant, but hopefully things will appear on my blog now, it’s been over a month and I usually post at least one thing a month. Hope everyone is doing well and that Spring is bringing those May flowers, I have seen the robins so it’s really spring to me :).

6 thoughts on “May the 4th Be with You

  1. We have had sun more often than not the last few months. The weather has been cooler which I love and there has not been much humidity, at least until the last few days.
    I have been neglecting my blog also…… Goals……

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    • hehe, I don’t make goals, I can’t keep them :P. Things will get better when the sun is shining more and this month is over so I can sit out on my balcony to knit or spin and soak up the warmth and sunshine :). The lack of those two things and the fact that it’s this time of year (my son’s death) that leaves me with a bit more anxiety, which makes it harder to do things. But it all comes out in the wash as they say ;). It’s so good to hear from you :).


  2. Tinking is pretty annoying! I try to stitch a lifeline if it’s more than a few rows of tinking, that way I can then just frog the rows till the lifeline, which is a lot more fun. 🙂 Hope the hat goes well with better lighting now.

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    • Unfortunately I didn’t start this hat and she had some dropped stitches a few rows (thank goodness only a few rows) so I needed to tink back to make sure I got the dropped stitches and to see where the knit 2 togethers are. It will all come out in the wash as my mom use to say :).

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