Finished the Tour de Fleece

Sorry, once again I can’t resize the pictures :(. The colors are more vibrant in real life, they even looked better than this on my phone, so this (hopefully) is just my computer and you will see them correctly, sigh.

The picture on the left is the 1st bobbin for the 2nd skein of yarn, and I finished it before the end of the Tour de Fleece. The 2nd picture is the roving I will be spinning for the 2nd bobbin and because I have separated it into 3 lengths the colors will be shorter when I spin them and that will make this a fractal spin with the first bobbin having all the colors one after the other and the 2nd bobbin having the same colors repeating 3 times and then plying them together. this is only my 2nd fractal spin, interested in how it will turn out.

The nice thing about the Tour de Fleece is that it has ignited my desire to spin and I will try to keep this going by continuing to keep spinning 20 to 30 min a day or more if the mood strikes me :).

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the beautiful weather (hopefully the weather is beautiful where you are, tho I’m sure those of you who are in your winter are impatiently awaiting spring :).)

4 thoughts on “Finished the Tour de Fleece

  1. I love your finished skein! I have also been motivated to spin a little bit each day. I haven’t done any consistent spinning in years, but now it is time to get back into this craft. Congratulations on at least two beautiful skeins this Tour de Fleece.

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    • I’m still working on the 2nd bobbin on the 2nd skein, about 1/2 way done, hoping to have it done and plied by the end of the week :). It will be a very colorful fractal spin LOL. I’m finding it a peaceful thing in the afternoon to bring me down from the more stressful stuff :).

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