One More FO and a WIP

I made one more lace bookmark for a friend. The color is way off, it is taking on the hue of the green blocking mat, it’s really white lol. I knit this on Knit Picks Options size 0 wooden 4″ double pointed needles (only 0’s I had that weren’t 9″ circs lol)

The WIP is a Flax baby sweater by Tin Can Knits. I am starting the first sleeve, hoping to have this done by the end of this week, but no promises. More infor on the needles and link to the sweater pattern is on my last knitting update. Color is Neutral Stripe, but the color is not showing properly on my computer, maybe it is one yours :P.

Dealing with a pinched nerve in my back which is extremely uncomfortable so sorry I’m not putting in as much info as I usually do. If you click next to the picture it will show the 2nd one 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer and lots of sunlight!!

2 thoughts on “One More FO and a WIP

    • Thanks! The book mark is a free Ravelry download, there are 3 different bookmarks on it, this one was a horseshoe lace pattern. The main pattern is called Bookmark Trio. Free is always good :). My back gets a little better every day, just takes a couple of weeks, fortunately it doesn’t go out real often, just often enough to be a pain :P. The baby sweater is a mindless knit once you get past the yoke, so I don’t mind knitting them at all, besides they go much faster than an adult sweater and the new parents are always amazed. 🙂

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