Wedding Pictures with Shawl Came Back.

I am not pleased with the new WordPress options, very unpleasant to get around in, sigh. But here are the pictures taken by the wedding photographer, she did a nice job, I had to darken them a little bit so you could see the lace, because it was brighter and harder to see on the ones that were sent. Hope you think it turned out as well as I did :).

2 thoughts on “Wedding Pictures with Shawl Came Back.

    • Thank you! It’s one of my free patterns, go to my about page and toward the end of the first paragraph is a link to my free patterns. It’s not hard but you have to pay attention to the stitch count number on the rows (they should all be the same) because the double YO’s can be a pain on the pearl rows and if you forget to do a k2tog, and well because it’s lace :P.

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