Update on My Shawl and Derecho Storm Last Month

I wanted to show the progress on the wedding shawl.  The fix worked and it is progressing.  I am farther than the picture shows as I haven’t taken a new picture since this one, and as you know lace is rather unremarkable before it’s blocked :P.  When this is blocked those daisy petals will really open up.  I am on my 3rd ball of yarn and have 2 more to go, need to have this done by the 5th of next month, yikes!

I haven’t been online much lately, the 10th of last month we had what they call a Derecho storm, it is a very large and powerful thunderstorm that covered 100’s of miles with hurricane type straight line winds, it’s also called an inland hurricane.  In my area they reached 112 mph, a level 3 hurricane.  I’ve included some pictures of a little of the damage, these were taken a couple of days after the storm because it was really hard to get around on the streets for a couple of days.  I was one of the lucky ones, the apts I live in received very little damage, because the owner had just had to have the roof fixed from a similar storm the month before with straight line winds to 90 mph.  I was only without power for 27 hrs and so I didn’t lose any food, but some people were without power for 3 weeks, and it is very muggy and hot here in the Midwest in Aug!  I was without internet tho for about 2 1/2 weeks and my phone service was spotty.  The storm literally uprooted large trees or ripped off their branches or broke the trees in half, houses lost shingles, or parts of their roofs and siding. We still have branches and trees on the side of the roads for the city to pick up and dispose of and there are some side roads that are still closed to through traffic.  Not all the damaged trees have been cut down yet, a lot of them remind me of the poor Charlie Brown Christmas tree as they were stripped of their leaves and branches.  People are still waiting for companies to fix their roofs, and some lost cars to the trees that fell.  It was a mess and lasted for about 50 min, which is a long time, but like I said it was a very large storm that came through IA, ND and Northern IL, most of which lost their power for varying amounts of time.

Hope you are all well.

Wisp Shawl Update

2nd Skein Done

.Shawl progressI got the 2nd skein of the cria done.  I love spinning that, it is soooo soft!!!  On the right is a picture of the size so far.  I have just started the 2nd skein (which because of a problem when I was plying is a little less yardage than the first skein).  I should have enough for a 3rd skein and I’m gonna need it, not sure how much the

yardage will be, I will just spin until the fiber is gone. 


click picture for larger view

Here is an up close picture of the lace design.  Instead of the way the Wisp shows in it’s pictures, I am just leaving it a retangular shawl that she can put around her shoulders.  It will be very warm and soft. 😉
It has sure cooled down, but then I knew it was going to be an early winter, my ferret and bird did their molting and sheding thing in early August when it was still hot.

Daisy Rectangular Shawl by LDSVenus

2nd Comfort Shawl Finished 001

I have reworked the design to take care of some mistakes I made in the pattern. Bare with me as I am not a pattern writer.  I can read them, but writing them is a totally different subject :). I also increased the border to 5 stitches instead of 3.

I designed this shawl using an old Shetland lace daisy design.

Do remember I offer this pattern for you to make the shawl, but you may NOT give this pattern out to someone else or sell the pattern.  Please direct them to this site or Ribblr to share the pattern.  With that out of the way, please enjoy my design.

B = border = k5
k = knit
p = purl
k2 tog = knit 2 together
yo = yarn over – note yo twice is a double yo and on the purl rows you will knit the first yo and purl the 2nd yo.
ssk = slip, slip, knit  (see the following site  : http://www.knittinghelp.com/videos/decreases )
* * = repeat between the *

The lace design will appear as a diagonal design rather than horizontal or vertical and by shifting the design on rows 13-19 you can probably accomplish a vertical design.  This is worked from side to side so the cast on is the width.  I used approximately a fingering weight yarn and  size 7 needles.

This is not a hard pattern but you need to pay attention on the yarn overs to make sure you have two between the two decreases so it doesn’t mess up your stitch count (it can be easy to drop one when you do the ssk), and on the pearl row that you knit the first one and pearl the second one.) A life line might be nice :).

The k2tog is a right leaning decrease and the ssk is a left leaning decrease, I knit combined continental and the way I do my stitch decreases might not give you the lean you need, please feel free to do whatever decrease gives you the correct lean.

cast on 116 stitches.
Knit 5 rows for garter stitch border

Keep 5 stitches on each there after for garter stitch border through out.

Knit one row and purl one row keeping border in garter stitch before beginning the pattern.

The pattern ends with row 24

Rows 1, 5 and 9:
B, k6, *k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k14*, end k6 instead of 14, B

Rows 2 and all even rows: B, p to last 5 stitches, B  (please note above in the stitch abreviations how to purl the double yo’s)

Rows 3, and 7:
B, k4, *k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k10*, end k4 instead of 10, B

Row 11:
B, knit to last 5stitches, B

Rows 13, 17, 21:
B, *k15, k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k14*, end k15, B

Rows 15, & 19:
B, k13, *k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k2 tog, yo twice, ssk, k10*, end k13 instead of 10, B

Row 23: B, knit to last 5 stitches, B

Row 24: B, p to last 5 stitches, B

Repeat these 24 rows until the shawl is the desired length.

End with 5 rows of garter stitches (the border should be already established with the garter stitch you are knitting) and bind off.

I did not notice any errors in my writing when I re-knit this, I used this printed page to knit from.  If you have any problems following my pattern please drop me a line and let me know so that I can help you.

Little Lace Cat’s Paw Scarf – revisited

Little Lace Cat's Paw Scarfred white and blue roving and yarn 004a

I’m having to repost this pattern because the link on Ravelry for this isn’t working and I have to put in a new link.  Hope you will enjoy revisiting this scarf  that was originally posted on July 5th 2008.

**ERROR CORRECTED IN PATTERN**  If you have copied this pattern you might want to use this corrected copy.

Ok, here is the Little Lace Cat’s Paw Scarf I knit out of the red white and blue hand spun skein, shown on the right.  I used Cat’s Paw, a Shetland lace pattern, and as you can see I staggered the design so that it was not straight across from each other but rather looks like a cat walked up the scarf :). It is free to use for your own use, please do not give this pattern out to others, if someone would like this pattern, please direct them to my blog. 🙂 It was a very quick and easy pattern to knit, and makes a great long skinny scarf.  I suggest using a wool or wool blend or other yarn that blocks and holds the block well.   Enjoy.

Little Lace Cat’s Paw Scarf

Cast on 29 stitches using size 10 needle, heavy fingering or sport weight yarn. You will still have 29 stitches after completing each row.

B= border stitches (always k5, or you may use a seed stitch border)

k2tog = knit 2 together

k2togtbl = knit 2 together through the back loop

k3tog = knit 3 together

Knit 5 rows, then keeping the borders k one row and p one row before beginning pattern.

Pattern rows:

Row 1 – B, k2, k2 tog, yo, k1, yo, k2togtbl, k to last 5 sts, B

(Row 2, and all even rows – B, p to last 5 sts, B)

Row 3 – B, k1, k2tog, yo, k3, yo, k2togtbl, k to last 5 sts, B

Row 5 – B, k2, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2togtbl, k to last 5 sts, B

Row 7 – B, k to last 5 sts, B

Row 9 – B, k12, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2togtbl, k2, B

Row 11 – B, k11, k2tog, yo, k3, yo, k2togtbl, k1, B

Row 13 – B, k12, k2tog, yo, k1, yo, k2togtbl, k2, B

Row 15 – B, k to last 5 sts, B

Row 16 – B, p to last 5 sts, B

Repeat these rows for pattern to length you desire, ending with knit 5 rows and bind off.

Scarves Re-visited

hand painted merino roving

hand painted merino roving




This was a beautiful hand painted merino roving that I bought from The Fiber Denn on Etsy.   I loved the color of the roving and the color of the yarn was just as wonderful, full of all my favorite colors.



hand spun merino

hand spun merino




I had the opportunity to wash and re-block the two scarves I knit from this yarn (one for my daughter and one for my grand daughter) and thought I would get some better pictures. 



Grand-daughter's Fan & Feather Scarf

Grand-daughter's Fan & Feather Scarf



I did this with an old Shetland lace pattern called Fan & Feather (aka Old Shale).  There are many versions of this pattern out there and all are beautiful and oh so easy to knit. 🙂  I really loved the way the color striped on the scarves, I wish I had gotten more of this hand painted color.  Maybe I can talk her into doing more of it ;P. 



Daughter's Lace Scarf - Branching Out

Daughter's Lace Scarf - Branching Out


The lace pattern I chose for my daughter is called Branching Out and it is a beautiful lace pattern.  It’s a bit more difficult than the Fan & Feather but only because you need to pay attention to the row you are on.  Most lace is really not difficult to knit, it’s just a series of yarn overs, knit two togethers along with knits and pearls all placed at strategic places. 

I think the colors of the yarn really brought out the lacey patterns.  I was pleased with the results and I felt they deserved better photo shots. 🙂