December is finally here! Plus Flax Sweater is Finished!

I finished the Flax infant sweater by Tin Can Knits.  Love her design, knit from the top down and no joining or sewing up seams, perfect!!  Wish to colors showed up better, I seriously lack photo skills!  It has light blue, pink, purple, green and yellow.

The 2nd picture is a musical clock that I received as a gift on Thanksgiving.  My son’s mother-in-law and I exchange gifts on Thanksgiving and this was the gift she gave me.  My eyes almost popped out of my head, I love it so much.  It plays music on the hr and turns off the musical chimes when it’s dark so it won’t wake you up, how is that for awesome.  I gave her the Changing Stair Cases shawl  I had been knitting for her, hehe, she was also very excited :), lace shawls will do that ;).  Life is good :P.  I’m still working on some Charity hats, but I need to pick my next project.  Well actually I think it has picked me and I need to finish my spin for the hat I’m making for my family member.  I will have some time later this week to work on finishing it.  Hope everyone has a great December, only 3 or 4 more months (depending on where you live) until Spring :P.

2 thoughts on “December is finally here! Plus Flax Sweater is Finished!

  1. I love that clock! It’s wonderful that both of you are happy with your gifts. The infant sweater is just too cute for words. Hope you have a cozy December with lots of knitting involved. 🙂

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  2. Aw, thank you Anita, they are fun to knit! I’ve been asked to knit another one, for a relative of the friend I made the last Flax for. She wanted to pay me (I have no idea what they pay for stuff like that anymore) so I told her, no, just buy the color you want of the I love that Yarn, but that I couldn’t promise it would be soon. With the holidays coming, I gave myself some wiggle room :). I do love that clock, the three pieces of the middle each twirl around to the music then manage to get back to normal by the end, lol.


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