Mother of All Shawl and It’s SPRING!!!

Gradient Mini Skein Set
A family member will be graduating this year, so for her graduation gift I am knitting her a shawl for her Senior Prom.  She said her prom dress would be aqua, and I found this beautiful gradient aqua mini skeins at my closest local yarn shop, Stitch Together.  It’s a subtle change from light to dark a little hard to capture on the pictures.

The started shawl picture is on the right.  I just started the 2nd color and am about 1/2Start of Mother of All Shawl into that color.  There are 5 shades, it will be very lovely.  The shawl is the Mother of All Shawl by Nick Davis.  It’s easy and fun to knit, but yes you do need to keep your mind on what you are doing for the changes that happen every so often in the pattern.  I will add this my Ravelry project page.

Still working on the socks will update a picture after I finish this shawl, I’m on a crunch time line with the shawl 😛

Hope you are enjoying this wonderful warmer (tho as normal uneven) Spring weather, it’s SPRING!!!!!!!