Jasmine Scarf Finished :)

Alpaca Scarf a

I finished the Jasmine scarf by Purl Soho  (a free pattern on Raverly) for my friend and it is in the mail.  It will probably be to late to wear it this year but I know it will come in handy next year.  It will keep her toasty warm, and it is very soft.  I knit this out of  Alpaquita Superfina by Andean Yarns, 3.5 oz/220 yards. It is a discontinued yarn, which makes me sad, it is a lovely yarn.  I used almost two skeins, and a size 5 needle, I think the pattern called for a 6 but I knit a little loosely so I go down a needle size.  I also modified the number of multiples in the pattern.  It calls for 5 across, I only used 3.  I felt that made it wide enough for my purpose.  It was a fun knit, and after I figured out the very different cable effect, it was easy peasy. 🙂  The picture on the right is a close up of the pattern.

Jasmine scarf by Purl Soho Now to work on the socks I started and to start a shawl for my grand daughter’ Senior Prom.  Pictures will follow as I work on it.